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Black Swan ….

I saw the film the other week and havnt had the time to post about it …. and to say the least i thought it was brilliantly done and kept me on my seat and jumping off it  sometimes …

Natalie Portmans and Mila Kunis performance was surprising i havnt really watched many films they’ve acted on .

With most films i see i try to predict the ending and if you sitting next me like my unfortunate boyfriend you will hear my eloborate predictions aswell as me jumping an gasping at the scary bits.

One of my favourite parts was when Natalie Portman was dancing and transformed into the swan leaving the shadow of the black swan on the wall while to the audience she was a normal dancer.

Some of the shots have inspired my own film im working on (its no where near as amazing … !! ) by making it more sinister and gripping.

Heres the trailer …. ill definitely be getting it on dvd .


Foxy …..

I have a new obsession …. and its all to do with foxes, dont get me wrong  i saw one in the local park not long ago at something like 12am and it scared the shit out of me …it just stared at me as i walked quickly on the path … but i watched fantastic mr fox the other day (…again  i love the film )and then noticed how much these little furry rodents are all over the place !









Urban outfitters Fox Print shopper .










See By Chloe long sleeve fox tee










Asos mini fox stud earrings










Asos Debonair smoking fox crew neck t- shirt


Love it ! im after a fox scarf … not a real one though but one that looks like a foxes tail !

This is England 86 !

Channel 4s new drama  This is England 86 …. It revisits the gang from the hit film This Is England three years on directed by the brilliant Shane Meadows im watching on my imac now while i sip my tea and i love it .
“When I finished This Is England I had a wealth of material and unused ideas that I felt very keen to take further audiences seemed to really respond to the characters we created and out of my long standing relationship with Film4 and Channel 4 the idea for a television serial developed. Not only did I want to take the story of the gang broader and deeper, I also saw in the experiences of the young in 1986 many resonances to now recession, lack of jobs, sense of the world at a turning point. Whereas the film told part of the story, the TV serial will tell the rest.”

– Shane Meadows, Director
Makes me proud to be British favourite quote …

“sometimes i think i picked the wrong crisp packet ”

– Lol

Alice in Wonderland !!!!

Im counting the days till the 5th of March , Were on 6 days today !!! i have been waiting to see this film since last year and cant wait to see Tim Burtons original and sinister take on the Alice and wonderland storey we all love, im  much in antispation to see the amazing Johnny Depp performance as the Mad Hatter as well as the amazing visual effects of the strange world Alice has returned too ….and all of this in 3d !!!! I may even go all out and pay extra for directors booth with popcorn and ice cream for this one  who’s with me ?? !!!

: D !!!

Its been a while

Hi i been away for abit mostly dues to being really depressed about life and having nothing to post about !!!

But im over it now one little thing at a time and ill get there, so what have i been up to….. my lovely boyfriend who i was abit mean to the other week, so he spoils me by taking me to one of my favourite  restaurant Wagamammas and to my surprise i nearly finished it all…. this is rare for me for as much as i like rice i can never finish a plate full much to his annoyance…lol

Chicken katsu curry is rather tasty but i was disappointed when i asked for a coke and they brough me a can and a glass …and charged £1.95 for it ….. i could of got one for 60p at the shop i suppose it is a restaurant  but what happened to those old bottles of glass coke aye ???  Well after that lovely meal we made our way to the cinema , briefly stopping off at tk max where i found the most gorgeous Chloe cardigan !! but it was £100…reduced from £360 i know is decent but not for my balance right now!!!!

So yh we went to the Electric cinema which ive all-ways wanted to go too, for those people that are not from Birmingham it is the oldest working cinema in the UK, and was first opened in 1909.


They have sofas and a bar so you can buy alcohol to take into the film with you and they serve ice cream, tea and coffee……

When i used to go past on the 35 bus when i was younger i all ways thought it was going to be very grand inside don’t ask me i just expected it to be that way …..but me and my bf was a bit disappointed  i expected vintage popcorn boxes , maybe red curtains that opened or an oldish projector, even maybe a little vendor that serves things or tells you to ssshhhhh!!

I remember my granddad telling me about the ice cream man that walk down the aisle and you would just pay for it there and then….. you only get waiter service if you had the sofas.

I really wanted to see Co Co Chanel but it wasn’t on at that time so we saw Inglorious Basterds which might i say is amazing !!! if only it really all went down like that in history that would be

something…. but i did find most people their did not have a  sense of humor because the women didn’t even laugh at all behind me.?


Brad Pitt was amazing  in it , i loved the part where he was in the woods and when they pretended to be Italian ……….and the female actress Melanie Laurent who played the Jewish girl which escaped was one of my favorites i really wanted her to live and stand proud with her black lover and get some recognition for killing all of them !!! or for at least the guy that killed her family know that she was a Jew…..but i suppose she just had to die…..i do love Tarantino movies…


Well as mu h as it disappointed me the film was amazing , and their is some new independent films i wanna see there too so i guess ill be going back and i may get ice cream next time ….lol

Oh yh big thank you to my boyfriend for making me smile : D

Love little tortoise. xx

Coco Before Chanel….

I cant wait to see this film …. i know its in french ….and everyone knows i flunked that in year 8 and wont understand a single word…. i hears theres subtitles which is cool.

Audrey Tautou looks amazing she is actually making me consider going brunette  again !!!


Well be prepared for a long post once ive seen the film hopefully Sunday maybe???

Love little tortoise x

Sleep deprivation !!!

I cant sleep ….Mr Propperganda is mumbling in his sleep , im searching for a birthday outfit i found one but not possible for it to get here anytime in the next 2 weeks !!! n my bday is next week !!!

So upset about that, also never went to the job interview today as i felt unwell but later on we did go to town Mr propperganda brought a beautiful vintage jacket, and i got 2 pairs of shoes , £5 each very nice one i can wear to work if i get the job ,

We also went to see the film Coraline today in 3d !!! to be honest it was too long and abit creepy i was really excited when i got the glasses but maybe because im not 6 years old i didnt think it was amazing !!!  shame…. waiting for summer cinema there is some sensational films coming soon about time…


I watched Star Trek other day forgot to post about that as well im more of a Star wars girl with Jabba the pink thing i like him !! ….haha Star Trek was good though, that would have been interesting in 3d !! i also went Wagamammas which is a Japanese Restaurant …very nice !


We both had 71  katsu curry  i can never finish it all i did use the chop sticks abit though but mainly the food so i could eat it quicker !!!


Then desert….Mr propperganda had coconut & mango ice cream while i had cheese cake ….tasty the hot chocolate cake and ice cream looks amazing though going back for that !, I have a new love for the place now (i even handed in a cv ) and I especially love the 2 for one offer on the back of cinema tickets and the free green tea !! credit crunch couple time !!!!

Well i better get too bed so i can have a productive day tomorrow and hopefully find an outfit and maybe a job !!!

Goodnight & Sweet dreams

Love little tortoise xx