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Hi stranger….

Its been a very long time so ill give you the bad news first ……I was ment to updat this a month ago but the things i would of wrote would of made you think i was about jump of a bridge or something….well maybe not something that drastic but i was very upset…….

The bad news after the holidays busting my as to do my typographic brief to get on to 2nd year i finally got my results on the 21st september to find out……. FAILED ! like wow i was emotional anyone that saw me knew i was emotional wreck panda eyes like whoa !

So i marched down to uni to find out what the deal was with my low grade ….. GUESS WHAT stupid DMU (de montfort university in leicester ) Lost my development work my whole sketch book !!! and my tutor who ill call THE IDIOT TUTOR  but if your from my class you know who i mean ……. Well he just smiles and tells me they looked high and low for it and are doubting i submitted it at all …..maybe i should do HND !!!!!

What the fuck mate like i never got triple distinction in college n ure telling me i cant do a degree course !!!Not to give him the satisfaction of seeing him break me down in tears i walked out in despair to find someone that could actually help me !

So more bad news followed ….. i spoke to the dean head of design and was told i cant do my graphic design n photography course for 3 yrs ! n i cant get on another course till next year !!!………But GUESS WHAT we went  to the room were my work was stored and what is just lying in the table with lots of other sketchbooks !!!! MY SKETCHBOOK !!!

OOOOOOOHHHHHHH MMMMMYYYYY GGGOOODDDDD !!!Are you serious…… so this head of design is sorting it out to get remarked but who tries to put a spanner in the works and crushes my dreams even more ……..THE IDIOT TUTOR ….. ” well i just don’t think Samantha is right for the course….just beacuase the sketchbooks been found doesn’t change anything ” !!!!

So he basically told the one guy that could have just put me on 2nd year i was a no hoper ! ….. so a couple days went by …. depressing days of hardly eating or sleeping and mainly crying then finally…. i get told i can be put on to The Photography and video course ……. WOW im a fresher again !

It is actually real good news as i know some people didn’t get back in at all so in a way i am lucky…….



Little tortoise x


Typography is my life !

Typography is my life….for the next 2 weeks it will be anyway making posters for my horrible tutor ! so its off to the library tomorrow wow its gonna be fun anyone wanna join me ?

Well while Ive been researching, cutting, sticking and tracing i have found a lovely blog and type websites that have give me a spring in my step and hope for the rest of the night and the upcoming days…


By Jonho at we love typography …(hes the chap behind the site too !)

So im gonna go full steam ahead up a very steep hill lets hope i pedal fast enough ….

See you in two weeks !

Love little tortoise


FEED: Noise

Matthew Boulton HND Graphic Design Graduate Show:

Well i went to my old college on Thursday to see my friends work , so i happens it wasnt my friends work well one of them but he wernt their but it was the people in the year above….

Lets just say inspiring is an understatement ….. i was really impressed and it brought back lots of happy times when i was in the feed studio, i do actually miss i,t it was an environment where you wanted to work , you was inspired by the people around you with ideas bouncing around as well as everyone’s different styles.

Seeing my old tutors was good too i wish i could have people like them at uni well some of them …. im still hearing my friends talk about one of them and i couldnt stop laughing some things dont change …

This work is by Martin Wilke’s


Now being stupid i forgot to take peoples names down when i took the photos so if this is your work or you know whos is drop a comment and ill add a link to your website and put credit on the page


The drawings were really good it was spread across the whole wall and cupboards with some fake grass on top,  im a fan of this style of illustration anyway , its coming back to me who’s work this is now but im rubbish with names i think he done it in about 2 -3 days if i heard correctly…


i cant twll what the storey is about i would hate to assume and get it wrong …

input to the blog welcome …. : )


This was my favorite illustration.

Facebook has helped out my rubbish short memory:

The show encompasses a plethora of media from print design to motion graphics – ranging from conceptual work to throwaway eye candy that can be stand alone artwork or adapted for a client’s design needs.


The video alongside this  poster really inspired me, the thing about my uni is that they don’t show us anything to do with after effects or animation they want our work to be static, clean and generic …. so it inspired me to think fuck em im gonna learn this shit !! Im tooled with a Dictaphone watch out !


Also where we used to have our lectures this  little seminar room was all these little paper moutins and i big animation projected on the wall i liked how they used the whole space to make it part of the work.

Now for my favorite piece



This wa my favourite i found it really creative !

Well seeing the old college boys was really nice too , i actually do miss them i havnent met any one like them at uni and i saw some old faces that are getting on with designing which was really nice to hear.

Well after one glass of white wine which was too strong! a bitch to my old tutors about my new tutors and a lil catch up with friends i stayed with 2 of my old college friends that go my uni aswell and then i went home

I heard at the show three of my fellow uni friends are going back for references as their leaving uni, i have one thing to say if you have distinction work and go to a okay uni your work is still going to be distinction level  …. its what you make it not who teaches you.


If anyone would like to add a link to a website or add info, and if any of you creative people out their would like to talk about anything that inspires you or your own work just drop a comment.

Love little tortoise xx

The worst day of my life

Well the weekend went fast cant even remember what i did part from one club i went to were Me n Anna got a piggy back home from a stranger called jed and another guy lol, well after loan day i had a hand in for work on Tuesday , but i managed to get an extension due to stress, and being dyslexic only to be told Tuesday morning that for my graphics projects i wernt getting the extension i thought i was my tutor is an ass and told me if i cant do it change my course !!! ( are u dumb years nearly finished !!)

I ve been stressed for weeks my doctor says my BMI is at 16 which is very low and i need to slow down but there is no time to do so !!!

Keep in mind i have 11 projects to do many not even started yet….so me n Mr Propperganda got the work started (luckily it was raining so i loved being inside )
I was quite convinced i would get it done till i realized it was 11 o clock and i only had 3 projects done…..
I was too tired to eat but Mr Propperganda got me the biggest fish and chips which was quite tasty but i couldnt finish it all ….i was struck by a creative block not knowing how to piece something together, i cried , shouted, slammed my mouse down and wanted to be sick !!!
I took my self to the library to print off stuff at 3am after piecing my magazine spread together i saved everything and headed back home at 7am i woke mr Propperganda up who had been sleeping ( lucky him ) and continued to stick and paste…sketchbooks, the work had to be in for 11:30 as well as printed a2 and a3 so i jumped in the shower changed by clothes and printed and mounted the stuff ,

11:30 i handed it in
He looked at me( my tutor)  he said ” oh you made it then ” ( i wanted to kick his face in ) i replied ” what choice did i have” and he just smiled !!!! (aarrararrarahhhhhh you complete asss !!!! i hate you !!)
then at 12 i got told my works being kept for exsternal moderator thingy n i get it back 12may !!!


101 faces based on expressiona and emotions


Modern Poster variations based on Jan Tsicholds Avant Garde poster style

love tired little tortoise xx