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Spell : Lula magazine x Topshop

Stumbled across this while searching to buy one of my favourite magazines Lula , and i loved it made in 2009, so yh its old but i love it, the music , the clothes and some brilliant shots.

What todays lazy day needs some inspiration  !



Gypsy Birthday

Ive let my hair down recently for my friends birthday themed on the brilliant Channel 4 documentry Big fat Gypsy wedding …. with my friend Emmas 23rd Big fat gypsy birthday .

First a meal at zizis with the lovely home made barbie (with big gypsy dress) Birthday cake made by Remini.


Me and the birthday girl Emma

Remini and me with our gypsy belts which you could hear ringing down the street,

Curling wands , glitter and the coin belts and bright dresses was the only thing gypsy really apart from abit of podium dancing .

The dress is from Zara. I love it

The night was great and the cake was definitely as sweet as it looks !


New year … New hair

It was time for a change and as my hairs growing but not as  fast as i would like it too.. so with some help from my lovely hair dressers who provided me with some highlights and a new fringe and my  amazing friend remini who is the best at hair extensions … made me look like a modern day rapunzel !

And i love it , ive been every colour under the sun and thought about going red like i did last year with the big craze so far with Rihanna and Cheryl Cole but 3 of my beautiful friends are now rocking it !

So needed something different !

My new dreamer camera Urban outfitters .Paris studs … my  lovely present from a friend and my red bandanna from a vintage store that i got  for a £1 !

Cant wait to get my crimpers and rollers in it ive also got a wand which all of my friends can use but me ??…when i attempted i burnt my neck !! so future note don’t put on full temperature and watch tv at the same time !