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Bookworms Never Go to Bed Alone.

If you read my blog often or know me you would know i used to study graphic design , but it all went terribly wrong for me and now i just stick to photography but  still love looking at illustration and i stumbled across an image on fffound and reposted some images on SequinRose of some lovely illustrations by Kelly Thompson…

The mixed media and use of colour shows alot of variety in her work and attention to detail is well considered

This one is one of my faves…

The works are drawn on recycled card with coloured pencils, recoloured in Photoshop and then printed as giclées.

Bookworms Never Go to Bed Alone.

Her series of geek girl illustrations are my favourite the spectacles are so cute !

My favourite image ^ !!!

And not only is she an amazing illustrator she had some lovely fashion photography on her website too, anyone that is a keen illustrator should check out her work . Kelly Thompson



For the bike lovers….


The ride journal is a magazine devoted to all things bicycle and started of a journal of personal stories,  i looked on thier website and the photography is amazing you can buy the magazines from there website or in selected stores aswell being able to download articles.

The illustration above is made form some pretty kool guys at i love dust  im a big fan of thier illustration work they have another piece with these walking traffic lights which is really nice.

If you a cyclist or a fan of illustration check out the links above.

Love little tortoise xx

New banner…

Bit late on this one ??? oooppppssss just a big thankyou to Mr Propperganda for making me a pretty banner for the blog…. was asking for a while he got there in the end.

cav merci cards full

Much appreciated…. merci…. xxx

love little tortoise xx

The worst day of my life

Well the weekend went fast cant even remember what i did part from one club i went to were Me n Anna got a piggy back home from a stranger called jed and another guy lol, well after loan day i had a hand in for work on Tuesday , but i managed to get an extension due to stress, and being dyslexic only to be told Tuesday morning that for my graphics projects i wernt getting the extension i thought i was my tutor is an ass and told me if i cant do it change my course !!! ( are u dumb years nearly finished !!)

I ve been stressed for weeks my doctor says my BMI is at 16 which is very low and i need to slow down but there is no time to do so !!!

Keep in mind i have 11 projects to do many not even started yet….so me n Mr Propperganda got the work started (luckily it was raining so i loved being inside )
I was quite convinced i would get it done till i realized it was 11 o clock and i only had 3 projects done…..
I was too tired to eat but Mr Propperganda got me the biggest fish and chips which was quite tasty but i couldnt finish it all ….i was struck by a creative block not knowing how to piece something together, i cried , shouted, slammed my mouse down and wanted to be sick !!!
I took my self to the library to print off stuff at 3am after piecing my magazine spread together i saved everything and headed back home at 7am i woke mr Propperganda up who had been sleeping ( lucky him ) and continued to stick and paste…sketchbooks, the work had to be in for 11:30 as well as printed a2 and a3 so i jumped in the shower changed by clothes and printed and mounted the stuff ,

11:30 i handed it in
He looked at me( my tutor)  he said ” oh you made it then ” ( i wanted to kick his face in ) i replied ” what choice did i have” and he just smiled !!!! (aarrararrarahhhhhh you complete asss !!!! i hate you !!)
then at 12 i got told my works being kept for exsternal moderator thingy n i get it back 12may !!!


101 faces based on expressiona and emotions


Modern Poster variations based on Jan Tsicholds Avant Garde poster style

love tired little tortoise xx



Well yh dissapointed is a good word for it….. why cant we just stick to the plans we make like actually stick to them….!!! like previous events cookie making ??? they’ve been in my cupboard for like a month now …totally gonna taste like dust when we finally bake them !!!

All i wanted to do was go this club night called The Goonies in Birmingham ….its been a while since ive been out and i just wanted to chill at the club with my man n take some snaps that i might be able to use in my documentry work ??? sounds good dont it ….


My boyfriend made this flyer .. thumbs up to him i think its great but would be much better if we was actually going….!!!


He made that one too another thumbs up …. The themes based on the movie The goonies and is hosted by The candy store which is an amzing store …well i say check out the facebook group for the night and if your going let me know how it went yh….??? : (

Love little tortoise xx