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Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey aged 24, a former jazz singer inspired by the likes of Elvis & Nina Simone not only has she got an amazing voice but im in love with her whole vintage 50s look ย cant wait for an album to be released !

Heres Video Games x



Spell : Lula magazine x Topshop

Stumbled across this while searching to buy one of my favourite magazines Lula , and i loved it made in 2009, so yh its old but i love it, the music , the clothes and some brilliant shots.

What todays lazy day needs some inspiration ย !


Yazmin ” on my own”

How i feel about my work right now …. getting there slowly but surely.

Your song….

Actually love this , aswell as her not only is it on the john lewis christmas advert but the video has also inspired me on a project im doing ..

i just love her voice she reminds me of Emililana Torrini

All there songs are on repeat … constant inspiration .



Rude boy !

Come here, rude boy boy
Can you get it up?
Come here, rude boy boy
Is you big enough……?

Love the video reminds me off a M.I.A ย video Boyz ??



As if my magic my thoughts of you are gone…keeping my head in the clouds

…..its not so tragic if i don’t look down….

love it !

Love little tortoise x

listening to…..

love little tortoise x