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I love you magazine princess issue ….yh this is from september 2010 but look how cute that pug is !!!!

I want one ….. called Russell (after Russell howard one of my favourite comedians ! )
i also like the name of Lula (my favourite magazine) for when i get a female french bulldog … the second cutest dog in the world !

Well as you probably guessed Im dying to get a little puppy for when i move home next month , i haven’t lived in Birmingham for nearly 3 years so i think having a small dog to keep me company will be perfect !

Lets see if my mum will get rid of her horrid cat that Im allergic too !



This is England 86 !

Channel 4s new drama  This is England 86 …. It revisits the gang from the hit film This Is England three years on directed by the brilliant Shane Meadows im watching on my imac now while i sip my tea and i love it .
“When I finished This Is England I had a wealth of material and unused ideas that I felt very keen to take further audiences seemed to really respond to the characters we created and out of my long standing relationship with Film4 and Channel 4 the idea for a television serial developed. Not only did I want to take the story of the gang broader and deeper, I also saw in the experiences of the young in 1986 many resonances to now recession, lack of jobs, sense of the world at a turning point. Whereas the film told part of the story, the TV serial will tell the rest.”

– Shane Meadows, Director
Makes me proud to be British favourite quote …

“sometimes i think i picked the wrong crisp packet ”

– Lol

Work , work, work

I’m currently on my way to work this is an iPhone post which is abit shit so I’ll apologise in advance as the app for wordpress is stupid !
But hey I lost my headphones at the gym so this hour bus journey from Hinckley to Leicester is killing me , one because I spent most the night on skype talking to my friend about important stuff like shrek and going out when we get back to uni , and two because I forgot to make any lunch even though I had breakfast I’m quite hungry !
Oh yh that’s not a typing error about the gym by the way I actually went with sasha from work we went for two hours n for some reason we thought we could handle all the “big guy” machines with heavy weights …… Well it took us four days to recover lets just leave it at that …but now we are hench ! Lol ! I swear I don’t know how all the guys I know do it no wonder they sleep all the time .
Well plans for this week is work, work work I’m gonna be doing 8hr to 12 hr shifts so I don’t think I’ll be able to keep posting in this week unless it’s on the shitty iPhone ….. N no I havnt got the new one either just 3GS but the new one is amazing I want it !

Well I’m gonna flick apps n go to my tumblr blog as the app is better and I can look at some pretty pictures before work that one is updated more so just take a look www.sequinrose/


Im sorry Im back now i promise !!!!

Wow i havnt blogged for nearly 2 months thast disgusting ive been so busy !!!!

I cracked my ribs ….. then had to hand in all my work late…… started working 6 days a week ……booked a holiday to paris in august ……. turned 2o in june …… had an amazing time……….moved house……..moved back to hinckley …….working 4 days a week !

Well thats pretty much it without the details lol but last two months have been hectic …

Oh yh I FUCKING PASSED !!!!     1st year of photography and video that is not driving or anything because im too lazy to even get a provisional but yh made it to 2nd here finally  wwooooooooo !!!

well ill be filling you all in on the weekend on all the gosip , sneaky purchases and the trip to paris heres a lovely pic from my birthday to keep you happy …..

: )

Websites are a nightmare !!!

Wow recap on last few days, my prediction was correct most hectic and horrible hand in of the year so far it has took me two days to recover from mondays hand in  for my lovely website project and well lets just say i was not cut out for website design ….! Dreamweaver drove me up the wall aswell as bring me to tears…..

My website worked all most here is a sneak peak …..

I know not giving much away but i hope to get it up running soon to show case my lovely work …..

I got my grades back i got a B+ / A for my narrative sequence project and two Cs for my website design and final product, Not bad for some crazy girl on a mac not knowing a clue about dreamweaver !!

My tutor said to me though  i could of got straight As if i turned up more to be honest shes right but i cant turn back time now can I ??

Lesson learnt from this year is to keep my head in books rather than downing drinks some advice from my boyfriend really made it sink in …..

” Next year you need to be up your tutors arse , attending every class, asking questions your paying £3125 for her to teach you, that bitch is working on your time, your money …. use her, email her, ask her question after question …. this is not school you are not made to do anything , you are here because you chose to be… to do something you want to make a career out of … your dream …. don’t waste it . ”

That is what i needed drummed into my head and im not going to forget it !!!

I will be posting my work and everything else i have been getting up to very soon …..



Hello,  well ive been very busy lately the end of uni is in sight its so close i can smell it….. its freedom … the smell is summer , cut grass, ice cream  and bbqs …!!!

But untill that day comes when all hand ins are complete… the next few days are  going to be the  hectic of days of my year so far….

I am also suffering significantly, i slipped in the shower on thursday and have bruised 5 ribs on the right side of my ribcage , and may have cracked two ribs…. pain is terrible and the drugs help but side effects are messing me up, i either feel sick or sleepy , so sleepy i can just close my eyes and be knocked out for a couple hours…..

But update on work …. essay done ! , so is my video project ! , and my studio lighting project, ……….just a website and two photography projects to finish off !!!

wish me luck ….. i feel sick i must go !


messy pup ….


*its not always that messy : )