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New year … New hair

It was time for a change and as my hairs growing but not as  fast as i would like it too.. so with some help from my lovely hair dressers who provided me with some highlights and a new fringe and my  amazing friend remini who is the best at hair extensions … made me look like a modern day rapunzel !

And i love it , ive been every colour under the sun and thought about going red like i did last year with the big craze so far with Rihanna and Cheryl Cole but 3 of my beautiful friends are now rocking it !

So needed something different !

My new dreamer camera Urban outfitters .Paris studs … my  lovely present from a friend and my red bandanna from a vintage store that i got  for a £1 !

Cant wait to get my crimpers and rollers in it ive also got a wand which all of my friends can use but me ??…when i attempted i burnt my neck !! so future note don’t put on full temperature and watch tv at the same time !



New year , Fresh start

So everyone went out , spent their wages, spilt drink on thier new dresses and got absolutley smashed to celebrate the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010…….i was not one of them ….i have started my fresh start from new years eve…. not thiers anything wrong with getting drunk and going out i have done it many times and am not going to stop  ….. but i wanted to spend the new year  relaxing with my baby and it was lovely.

I am how ever making many changes to my life , i will be 20 this year which is a big thing….. what have i aconplished in 20 years ??

So i have decided to build a website which i will be selling my work and offering photographic services … is a pipedream in the making but it will be comming soon…..!

Also i vow to post at least once a week and to keep updateing the photo blog sequinrose and to get the shop filled full of little treasures !!!

Im trying to be alot more productive with my time and get my self out there as an artist i allready go uni and have two jobs……no one can say im lazy !!! but in my spare time i do get distracted and tired but after recent events ive realised i really havnt got time to be wasting !!!

I will be joining the gym…. to get fitter so i have energy to do all these things.

and i will be getting my tattoo when loan drops !!!

Ive also deleted quite a few people off facebook as i know who my real friends are now anyone else i dont care about !

Im also gonna try and be a bit more paitent and moan a little less , good things come to those who wait and i believe 2010 will be a hell of a lot better year for me !!!

So i wish my friends and family a very happy and succesful year ahead of them !!!

Love little tortoise x

Is it too late to say merry christmas??

Im really sorry for being such a shit blogger part of it is my fault for being so busy and the rest is some very sad circumstances…….

Were do i start …erm well 1st of all my lovely house became less lovely … to the point where i was hardly even in it i could go into details but its a long story and if you know me well enough you would have heard me complain countless times….. other than that i have some really bad news that has effected the blog quite significantly my beautiful amazing iMac apple computer was stolen for legal reasons i wont go into it but wow it has left a big empty space on my desktop and in my heart !!! lol it sounds sad but my whole life was on that computer countless pictures of my family, videos of my siblings, personal information, bookmarks of amazing artists..blogs and shops and most importantly priceless amount of beautiful future portfolio work of my photography !!!!

It’s just what i needed after an amazingly shit 2009 ….. being broke, failing my course, the worst summer ever, then uni losing my re submission work then nearly not even being able to go back to uni ……

Apart from being hit by a car it was the “best” worst ending to the ultimate shitest year in my life it was 2006 all over again …. even though now i look back at 2006 as a year i learnt so many lessons ( mostly about men … or should i say boys ?) i suppose next year i will look back at 2009 and realise that i learnt alot about the choices i make and the company i keep !!!

Well apart from all this horrible bad news i had i still have my ideas and my dreams so i can continue to make even more brilliant work….. i have my health and i have my family and friends and all i can say is when bad things like this happen it shows you who are your real friends !!!!

I hope everyone else had an amazing christmas mine was okay time of work was the best thing ever and seeing the little ones open their presents….. i got some Vivienne Westwood boots and jewelry off kevin and a necklace off anna all of it i love very much and then make up and bath stuff which is always lovely …..

No matter what happens keep smiling : )

love little tortoise x

Happy halloween…..(i know im late! )

Okay yh i know  im really late but hey i was sick and been really busy …….

Any way this year was good….after much anticipation since the start of October and deciding what to go as either  it be poison ivy from batman … or pebbles from Flintstones i eventually went as a cave women which kinda looked a bit like pebbles….

Well me and ana brought some sexy furry leopard material from the market and took it our friend mias flatmate who made us some cute little outfits ! Now i know alot of guys say they dont like leopard print……but these costumes were HOT !


mia , ana n me


cave woman fight …..weave and wigs were not damaged luckily !!!!

well yh i know this post is extremely late but my mac crashed when i went to post it a couple weeks back and ive been too busy too come on ere n post !

sorry …….


little tortoise x



Links for 7 October 2009

Links for 7 October 2009

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WordPress for iphone

Wow wordpress for iPhone maybe some one from apple has secretly bugged my iphone , I have tried numerous times typing accessing wordpress through google on my iPhone and trying to type a post and failed and I searched for the app a while a go and to my disapointment no such app … But wow right now I’m sitting in the dark in my double bed writing a post about writing a post…….. And telling you about somthing you allready know about !!! Well sorry if I’ve just got round to mentioning it !! Anyway much better positive mood today planning summer 2010 and sorting my life out with a spring clean but to bed with me no doubt the siblings will wake me in 7 hours !!!

Goodnight ( via iPhone )

Love little tortoise x

Life is harsh

wow….. like today hasn’t been one of the worst days of my life….I’m not going to go into details I’m mad at my self my own stupid decisions…. my stupid dyslexic brain that only has the ability to get the wrong end of the stick or mess up the simplest of tasks…..

Yes im sorry to say that rather then mention  my amazing all niter  till 7am finishing my typography brief on the 14th n managing to print n deliver that shit 20mins just before hand in after catching 3 buses and 2 trains !!!

Im no longer dreaming of typography but me and that art form have finally got an understanding, as well as  the 15th being my only nephews 1st birthday and having my twin sister who is incredibility unorganized throw a pretty good dam party….apart from pass the parcel where ive never swore in my life so much ….more will be explained in a post dedicated to his bday celebration.

This post is just for moan about how crappy my life is right now ….im mainly righting this as i crawled into a ball around 8pm in my bed crying as you do and fell asleep till now 1am  when i got a text…and ive had no food  and barely any fluids all day so im drinking tea n got a biscuit thats me for the day!

So i have learned today the world is unfair, life is harsh, people will be rude, selfish and totally inappropriate to your situation…..any man hovering outside a phone box is bad news !


love little tortoise xx