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Life is too short …

Life is too short, cruel an unfair so many young and talented people lives are taken so unfairly  , you hear and see bad things on t.v stabbings and shootings by people that have lost ambition, morals and everything there mother should of taught them and they feel they have the right to end another persons life who had everything going for them ……when will it end?

I am shocked and still saddened to say a friend from my uni was stabbed on Saturday i hadn’t  know him long but we talked about photography and uni stuff , he was a lovely guy, popular, ambitious, creative and had a lovely smile.

He will be missed dearly.

R.I.P Carl.





Well another post from hinckly , the weather has been pretty shit, tropical rain leaving me running out to get the washing on the line for the  last two days  turning my orange and red socks black… not a good look. oh and yes I did go in that shop the other day theres an amazing camera in there £25 i really want it !!!

Also I found my friend a job last night textiles and shes in her final year studying that now….i have some sort of skill in finding people houses or jobs yet when it comes to my self i have no such luck….the other day i went job searching in hinckley and still nothing theirs only so much rejection a girl can take.

I did ring the tax office though and got my tax back they kept me on the phone for ages and yes it was one of those ridiculous automative services which i hate and then a stupid women that talks over you and repeats everything so the call ends up being 20 minutes long cost me £4 on top of my bill !!!!

Other than that ive been babysitting, eating yummy home cooked food and going to bed before 12 and getting up anytime between 7am or 9;30 on a good day….. new improved me i would like to think, but i am getting bored of tottering round the house watching disney channel !!!! im going out of my mind i need to have some fun !!!!


Edie Sedgwick… it.

Love little tortoise x


Im  hot,sticky annoyed ,angry and baffled !!!


Hot and sticky because the weather is amazing im loving the heatwave but it just makes me so tired….. and annoyed by people , that ask pointless questions i havnt got time for it,  or people that don’t pick up the phone ???

The train was  cold , but outside is so hot , the trains late which makes me late to get to the estate agents…. my phone dies and my bank card wont let me draw out money….and im thirsty but cant buy a drink as all the money i have is to put to my deposit !!!

Best thing about today so far my arms are tanned, shoulders are burnt and i swear my legs a tad bit darker too….oh and i snuck past the barriers so i didnt have to buy a ticket at the station?

Im back in leicester one night only till further notice……

This was a lil rant ill post sumet more intresting later i must tidy up and find after sun !!!

love little tortoise x


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A baby !!!

Yes a new baby for the family !!!


Yes yes its true can you believe it, its going to be great ……and before you even start thinking oh my god shes pregnant im not on about me!!!

My beautiful step mom is expecting  so it will be another addition to the family and after a pleasant day in Hinckly yesterday their was baby name war !!! lets just say my dads choice is a little funny ….name i like so far are….Savanna, Sienna-Rose , Zarra,  for  a girl  i like S’s  they run in the family and then again so does twins and for a boy Zackariah i pretty much think its gonna be a girl….

Well just a quick family post as im researching some stuff right now so ill get back to you with intresting finds soon as …..oh the family meal was nice and the back pain has gone a little so its getting better …

Love little tortoise xx

Smile !


Officially over a 1000 views !

Im quite impressed with that, if anyone would like to join the 2sugarsblog and share stories, art work, photography or cute findings just let me know ?  soon ill be setting up a shop on here and putting up some more of my own work.

Thankyou for everyone that passes through and reads my thoughts and views my findings .

P.s  Oh yh my back feeling better after an amazing hot shower one more cup of tea and im snuggling under the sheets  promise !

Love little tortoise x

Happy Fathers day !!


Happy Fathers day!!!

Love little tortoise xx