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Ay Stranger…..

Wow i havnt posted since August 2011 asif my 2nd trip to paris , starting uni again , christmas , and the new year 2012 never happend well it did and heres a few images to show the good times …..

Finally got my tattoo…… ill put up a better pic soon

the night i broke my wrist….


As you can see i spent the majority of last year spending time with the family or going out partying …. don’t worry i got some new photography works to put up and obviously alot more to talk about  !




My Book.

Heres just a sneak preview of my book im working on :

It holds a series of photographs ive taken of nostalgic gifts, cards  and objects that hold  significant memory of my loved ones these alongside text and old photographs create the book.

Together it is an alliterative family album to not only reflect on the past but to bring forth the truth of the relationships that have changed with the passing of time.

The book should be printed and finished by the end of the week so ill post it up , alongside this work is a small film that Im currently working on.

So much to do ! x

Yazmin ” on my own”

How i feel about my work right now …. getting there slowly but surely.

Gypsy Birthday

Ive let my hair down recently for my friends birthday themed on the brilliant Channel 4 documentry Big fat Gypsy wedding …. with my friend Emmas 23rd Big fat gypsy birthday .

First a meal at zizis with the lovely home made barbie (with big gypsy dress) Birthday cake made by Remini.


Me and the birthday girl Emma

Remini and me with our gypsy belts which you could hear ringing down the street,

Curling wands , glitter and the coin belts and bright dresses was the only thing gypsy really apart from abit of podium dancing .

The dress is from Zara. I love it

The night was great and the cake was definitely as sweet as it looks !


new hat ?

I had the pleasure of going shopping with the other half this week and did a spot of shopping where i brought this hat i love it everyone has the ones with the “flaps” so i wanted something different.

( silk shirt vintage flee market birmingham. Leather skirt vintage store manchester  , hat tkmax ,belt primark  , bonjour ring  asos )

(My favourite necklace in my jewellery box right now is this little typewriter  from topshop )

As you can see my flowers have died im not just lazy and not thrown them away they are there for a reason one so my boyfriend can see how ugly they are and go and buy me some new ones … ( this didnt work … he didnt buy me any dam it )

And the other as im working on a project at the moment n photographed them .

i have so much work on right now and christmas is only round the corner which means full time hours at work with angry customers and walking home in cold winter nights.

But at least i have my bottle of baileys at home to pour in my hot chocolate !

Im off to lunch now n a spot of shopping i shouldn’t but hey my lectures were cancelled today what better way to celebrate but to shop !


Im still alive…


Wow asif ive been sitting in my new apartment for over 6 weeks now and not posted …ooopppsss   my apologies …well the new place is lovely apart from the constant problems with trying to get a delivery sent here … i think its gods way of telling me to stop my internet shopping obbsession …

Well its november now and the social life is queiting down and the work load begins to pile up , ill be posting some pretty pictures of my new place soon aswell as some lovely artists that have inspired  lately … oh and the website is on its way just some recent work to upload and then it will be up !




Winter sun … x


Paris !!!

Bonjour … i have been back from the Lovely Paris now for a week and started back at work , i would of posted as soon as i gt back but was ill ,,,( due to coming back to shitty English weather !! )

Well how was it ? …. erm Amazing wouldn’t even some it up !  i loved it i think one day i may call it my home , once i learn French that is  and hopefully after having a taste of what a lovely city it is i will try and learn fast.

This trip made me realise how narrow minded i had been towards learning another language , my excuse all these years is presuming everyone speaks English  right ? erm no everyone told me that everyone speaks English in Paris  ! well they dont and it was ignorant for me to expect them too  ( i know this ), French is such a beautiful language and im kicking my self for throwing the chance away at school to learn it !

Well here’s some photos …The Eiffel Tower

And  here is a picture of me that the other half took

This was on our last day to a visit to the Sacre- Coeur

And on the lovely tour bus  driving past the Moulin Rouge  !

(taken with  a 35mm Yashica film camera )

We went on a bank holiday weekend and everything was closed on sunday : ( so any shopping was done on the last day … ( got some goodies to show you ) but the food , sights and company was perfect .

Paris made my summer this year.