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Ay Stranger…..

Wow i havnt posted since August 2011 asif my 2nd trip to paris , starting uni again , christmas , and the new year 2012 never happend well it did and heres a few images to show the good times …..

Finally got my tattoo…… ill put up a better pic soon

the night i broke my wrist….


As you can see i spent the majority of last year spending time with the family or going out partying …. don’t worry i got some new photography works to put up and obviously alot more to talk about  !




A school prom

I had work yesturday after feeling pretty ill the night before i dragged my self in as i need the money, Mr propperganda took me for a lovely nandos where we had some spicy wings, i ate kinda slowly due to being in my work clothes but luckily no spillages….I got to work and made sum tea, my boss said im cheeky for doing this as i been there less then 2 minutes but its standard procedure …Well i found out its a school prom which was cute as weddings get really messy…

I just remebered i didnt say im a Waitress/Bar tender at a posh hotel i dont get many hours so its less than a part time job, anyway the kids came in and they were so big is it just me but are kids looking older these days? well some of the girls looked stunning i must admit some could have made more an effort you dont wear a tight mini dress from topshop to your prom do you ?

But they were really well behaved at my prom we had miniture vodka bottles attached to our stockings and bottles hidden under our dresses, never mind boys running to the local offie and sneaking alcohol into the toilets and us downing it real quick.

prom2 009prom2 010

Class of 2006 : june : me and my friends in the limo  Im the blonde barbie doll in pink( i hate pink now but i still have that dress )  i miss my hair being that length why did i cut it !!!!

I don’t remember the food much at my prom but we got a taxi with our science teacher Mr Dhillion to  a curry house after  we didn’t eat with him though. But the food i served was pretty nice, there was much crazy dancing after though and alot of boys jumping together ??? why they were not dancing with the pretty girls i don’t know? They had live entertainment to there was this 9 year old juggler who was amazing and tiny !! And a dance group that were pretty kool.

I moved onto the bar after and slipped up once or twice on the till as im abit rusty but come 12 i was off with 2 packs of biscuits i took from the kitchen : P

Love little tortoise xx