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Black Swan ….

I saw the film the other week and havnt had the time to post about it …. and to say the least i thought it was brilliantly done and kept me on my seat and jumping off it  sometimes …

Natalie Portmans and Mila Kunis performance was surprising i havnt really watched many films they’ve acted on .

With most films i see i try to predict the ending and if you sitting next me like my unfortunate boyfriend you will hear my eloborate predictions aswell as me jumping an gasping at the scary bits.

One of my favourite parts was when Natalie Portman was dancing and transformed into the swan leaving the shadow of the black swan on the wall while to the audience she was a normal dancer.

Some of the shots have inspired my own film im working on (its no where near as amazing … !! ) by making it more sinister and gripping.

Heres the trailer …. ill definitely be getting it on dvd .