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Spell : Lula magazine x Topshop

Stumbled across this while searching to buy one of my favourite magazines Lula , and i loved it made in 2009, so yh its old but i love it, the music , the clothes and some brilliant shots.

What todays lazy day needs some inspiration  !





Are these not the most amazing thing youve seen ?

This picture has been on my desktop for THREE weeks and i even sent the file to ana on skype so she good see just how georgeous these Nicholas Kirkwood lace and pearl shoes are,…..Well Mr Propperganda asked me how much they was (maybe this years xmas prezzie) and i had forgotton so i clicked onto www.luisaviaroma.com and i was horrified to see they were sold out !

Not like i had a spare £950 lying around i barely have 9p unless you count my money bags of moneys im saving for a rainy day or a credit card payment….but i like to know they are still avaliable so if i did use one of those penny bags and play the lottery and miraculaslly win they would only be a click away !!!

Well the dream is crushed untill i find another site ….its been happening alot lately i see so much stuff i want and it just seems to be selling out ! dam it !

Hopefully ill find something else……

Love a distressed little tortoise x

Dream house…..

With all the moving,packing, cleaning  ive decided i dont like it…i know i have gypsy blood and want to travel the world and should get used to moving but i cant stand the whole process of it all !! also ive been doing the door to door sales again and oh my you can tell a 40+ middle class hording cat women a mile off!!! i was sick of seeing stuffed animals in window paynes scaring me half to death , freaky porcelien dolls and old lime green with painted fruit on crockary sets in peoples windows aswell as giant cobwebs in there porches….eww do they not own a duster….?

As it rained and poured and i got soaked i thought about my own house after hearing “not interested”, “haven’t got time”, or people only taking to me through thier bedroom windows or slamming door in my face i was pretty much dreaming of a house on a hill in the middle of nowhere with a stuffed dog in my window !!!

After i calmed down i rembered a film i watched with mr propperganda the other day of a beuatiful women who all she ever wnated was too live in a gorgeous house with a dvd player she was a psyco but the house was comming on lovely till people got shot in it and it was ruined …..long storey….


Anyway it got me thinking and after my traveling years are finished i want a nice 3 storey house with a celler , and a red door pretty much like them american houses with the big patio and steps with a big tree in the front garden …and one in the back with a tyre swing …. i hate the minimal  look but i love clutter i want a giant bookcase wih artwork ,miss matched photoframes , souvineers from round the world, giant old mirrors ..worn furniture mostly french and antiques …..the one thing i have to have is a giant chest to put crap in ! and then when im old and have gran children, it will probly be filled of linen but if its not ill open it up and thier be all my old memoris of travelling,uni and my old diaries  that ill share with them …


Doesn’t that sound lovely……

Well it does to me as im sitting on the floor with cramp with my mac on top of its carrybox in silence so i dont wake no one having to live out of suitcases for the next 2months……!!!

Home sweet home!!!!

Love little tortoise xx

Getting there ….

Today has been slow….

i was cut off by 02 which was much annoyance and also being told i desperately need to find a job to pay my rent installment…Today we signed the papers for our little house and there actually re painting the hall yay !!! no more bright yellow !! So good news to pay 6weeks rent by end of the month…. bad news!


But the house is now ours, off the market !!! very good news i have big plans that involve ikea…. i got a £10 off voucher in the post from them today go me !! As well as that little freebie i have a job interview Tuesday !!!! whoop!!! not revealing any details off yet but just to say to shed a bit of light on some good news for once…

The job hunt continues for number of friends off mine as well as many other students i can imagine, these times are hard when loan dries up and you can forsee no income to pay next months phone bill….. but i believe we can do it…!!!!  there should be dozens of jobs in Leicester and if those other students can get jobs back home then bloudy go home and leave some for the rest of us that are staying for the summer !!!


But a sensitive subject now…. my birthday…. very hard times also fall on my fellow geminis.

my birthday is soon upon us the 16th infact…..(presents please : P)  i dont know weather to make plans or cancel it till i can afford to have a worth while celebration…???I know i can expect some stuff but to tell the truth i dont have hight hopes this year, its true what they saw no fun ingetting older… take be back to the 90s where i colud have a mc donalds party with salty chicken nuggets, a barbie and candy necklaces….!!!

love little tortoise xx


Today i went on a ganda got back to brum and went to visit my grandpa, after some tea and pleasent conversation i went to town to see my lovly best friend Kwame …. it was so long overdue! hes got tonkk…!!! We sat in the sun tanning my legs…..the rest of the week its ment to cool down much to my disapoinment


If today wernt sunny i would have been depressed as im broke and have decided i hate the real world and wish i was a kid again with no problems…..if only ??


Keep dreaming of winning the lottery…. not happening. Got home at 10:30 after going my sisters just wanna get back to lesta now, Allthough this trip home has been well worth it i got lots to do when i get back.

Birthday is comming soon came at a bad time !!! ….. im watching t.v shopping theres some make up i fell in love with ….dam it i need to get to bed !!!

love little tortoise x

The dream i can not remember ….

Im writing this a lil late as im up at nearly 2am , i got to birmingham and saw my lil bro hes on the mend thank god…. but somthing else has been racking my brain… last night as in saturday night i had a dream its quite hazy but i remember parts there was an iron table…and i was reading Vogue and i was thinking of the blog and i came across a yellow and purple page and i had this amazing feel of inspiration to do somthing and everythink clicked there was some words i read that i kept repeating and i was smiling…….


Then i woke up and for the life of me i do not know what was on that page , the words that was just on my tounge, and even the place i was sitting….. all i remeber is that feeling , me smiling and the colours yellow and purple . It sounds stupid but if you have a creative mind or are open minded you know that this is one of those things that your mind will just not forget, and i have this niggling feeling to go buy a vouge magazine tommorrow..!!! But i do remeber flicking through it slightly the 1st few pages the otherday when i brought a hair magazine from a newsagents i stopped as the women was anoyed…

Im one of those people that like to look at what im buying….

But the dream …you never have the same one twice unless its some sort of vision maybe it will come to be tonight ….if not how will i ever know what it means……


Love little tortoise xx

New house ….

Hi there , today has been a nice slow day,

i got up about 10 put my washing away from the massive laundry night i had last night , i actually realized i need to stop shopping for abit !!!! but the draws to close but i now have 2 underwear draws as one just couldn’t take it, i cant resist buying shoes, underwear or jewelery !!!

Well my family moved to Hinckley now which is a quite place, me and my friend ana went to help with the move and oh my ….. the house is huge…. proper cute too with loads of character mostly Victorian with modern features , im not going to put up any pictures in case and crazy jealous people out there want to stalk me !!!


But anyway close your eyes and imagine…. A cute little road opposite a church, the biggest house on the road, a little blue door, a double garage, a open spaced hallway and downstairs bathroom , 2 living rooms and a giant kitchen with fancy stove and island in middle ( to prepare food ) a microwave and coffee machine built in the wall !!! ( i love this feature ) also a smeg fridge with an ice dispenser ( Ive all ways wanted one of these !!! ), an office, larder room, big space big enough for a sofa and dining table !! …. a spacious conservatory overlooking a garden that could rival my local park…. huge !!!( it also has a bomb shelter and vegetable plot )

That’s not even half of it ….4 bedrooms on next floor one with on suite bathroom, walking wardrobe, all rooms can fit double bed and have fitted wardrobes… next the family bathroom with free standing bath ( this is amazing !!)  next floor the loft conversion….. this is any girls dream !! could fit a double bed, sofa the lot also large bathroom with separate shower and bath and a urinal !!             ( posh one ) then a totally amazing giant walking wardrobe with a vanity station …… !!!! i must admit in the loft room in the wardrobes they are 2 tiny doors that are really creepy i opened one and it wasn’t nice !!! i imagine creepy little people coming out of them at night !!!!

All jokes and pathetic paranoia aside it it by far the most beautiful house my dad has ever had ( and hes moved a lot ) unfortunately i will not be living there as me and Ana are looking for our own house closer to uni !!! but it is amazing i cant wait to see it all done !!

Well got back late and the library is closed my fines for theses books are never gonna get paid nor will the books ever be returned at this rate…about to cook some chicken pasta bake now cant wait I’m starving…update on previous post I’m putting on weight !!!

Now i need a cup of tea

love little tortoise x