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New year , Fresh start

So everyone went out , spent their wages, spilt drink on thier new dresses and got absolutley smashed to celebrate the end of 2009 and the beginning of 2010…….i was not one of them ….i have started my fresh start from new years eve…. not thiers anything wrong with getting drunk and going out i have done it many times and am not going to stop  ….. but i wanted to spend the new year  relaxing with my baby and it was lovely.

I am how ever making many changes to my life , i will be 20 this year which is a big thing….. what have i aconplished in 20 years ??

So i have decided to build a website which i will be selling my work and offering photographic services …..it is a pipedream in the making but it will be comming soon…..!

Also i vow to post at least once a week and to keep updateing the photo blog sequinrose and to get the shop filled full of little treasures !!!

Im trying to be alot more productive with my time and get my self out there as an artist i allready go uni and have two jobs……no one can say im lazy !!! but in my spare time i do get distracted and tired but after recent events ive realised i really havnt got time to be wasting !!!

I will be joining the gym…. to get fitter so i have energy to do all these things.

and i will be getting my tattoo when loan drops !!!

Ive also deleted quite a few people off facebook as i know who my real friends are now anyone else i dont care about !

Im also gonna try and be a bit more paitent and moan a little less , good things come to those who wait and i believe 2010 will be a hell of a lot better year for me !!!

So i wish my friends and family a very happy and succesful year ahead of them !!!

Love little tortoise x


Curly tots ….

Well today i did the curly flex with the new red hair, and yes it was sucessful at first it wouldnt curl as its been straight for a while but after using aussie hair care mousse which i love, (it makes ure hair smell nice !!) it was curly again , my hair is natrually curley aswell,. i must admit though my towls are stained red and so was my hands after scruching my hair !!!

Photo 94Photo 93

What you think ?  that necklace is a present from my baby nephew kool isnt it ,


Do i remind you of this program? Tots tv tilly tom and tiny…. tilly being the french red head haha i loved that show but im crap at french…..

Well today i went the pub to watch the match Chelsea Vs Arsenal and it was 3-1 to Chelsea … im an Arsenal fan ( only because of Mr Propperganda) And even though im a girl that really couldnt care less about the footie and knows pretty little about the silly sport they played crap !!!

Dont need to be a die hard fan to work that one out, well after 3 cherry vks and random talks in the local pub with friends, we all went to mine to eat sexy pastabake i cooked the night before it served 8 people im thinking i should of hid it in the fridge and wouldnt have to cook all week… Dam it !! but hey they modeled for me and its good to be nice… i still have a ton of washing up to do, but right now its going to be  a repeat of last weeks drarma and panic to finalise the work in time for hand in tuesday … im hopeful yet tired so dont think your be hearing from me till after tuesday when ill finally be FREE !!!!

love little tortoise x