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Ay Stranger…..

Wow i havnt posted since August 2011 asif my 2nd trip to paris , starting uni again , christmas , and the new year 2012 never happend well it did and heres a few images to show the good times …..

Finally got my tattoo…… ill put up a better pic soon

the night i broke my wrist….


As you can see i spent the majority of last year spending time with the family or going out partying …. don’t worry i got some new photography works to put up and obviously alot more to talk about  !




Dmu vs Leicester uni !!!

Well yh i know its been long im getting really sluggish and lazy and the fact that im ither raving , working or unwell i havnt had the time to post about some of the past events that have been quite entertaing !

Firstly there was the Battle of the unis DMU vs leicester  bar crawl ! …. my first bar crawl and probly one of the funnist nights ive had here….

As allways theres the whole re styling of the tee shirts personlay i think dmus shirts were better with the back saying ” who the f**k are leicester uni ! ” when leicester student had ” my dad works for your dad ”  i know go bit personal then but think we got them back on the night !!!


It was the girls all together that night, Me, Ana, Lucy, Harland and Remini and we went hard after downing two bottles of rose wine and especially ana with her horn drowing out the chants of anyone against dmu ! Ive never seen so many people united for one thing like apart from a football match the DMU spirit was definitely up their and i think we showed Leicester uni what time it was .


The chants of ” who the fuck are Leicester uni ” ” My dad fucked your mum ” and “your dad pays our bursaries ” gave me a lil sore throat the next day but all in all a very good night out !

So anyone comming to uni for the first time or just looking for a goodnight out bar crawls are the one !

love little tortoise x

The good life …..

Well now i got the depressing post out the way….. Id like to tell you about i new house and my pretty room ….and my new sexy hair and all the amazing things i have experienced while being back at uni !


Well i share with ana who you all know is like a sister to me and my other two flatmates lucy and jason we also have numerous other people that seem to live with us but don’t pay any rent…. long story but i wanna make it a nice one so ill leave the ranting for another day !

My room is sexy though ask anyone that has been in it, it may be the smallest room but i think it has the most character…i know i was extra and brought my bed up from Birmingham from my mums house but it had to be done comfiest bed ever… you wont know unless you get the privilege of sleeping in it ! But yh i have a little fire place with candles in and a huge white wardrobe n shelves aswell as some blue chest of draws with cute handles , apart from that i have some sexy throws and cushions and a nice light feature with flowers thats pretty gorgeous !!

But yh still need new curtains, rug and more storage…. trip to ikea anyone ??/


If you know me well or read this blog you know i have been craving long red hair all year !!! well i finally got it !


Its not red red ! but its like a dark cherry i love it ! Extensions  thats also my sexy dress n bag i got for my friends bday reminis 20th !


It was a really good night ! we even had a stripper he was fireman he wasn’t the beautiful guy we picked off the internet but i haven’t laughed so much in my life it was jokes and remini had a great bday ….. as for the rave after it was a flop some dumb dead out rave … no more of them for this year if you cant organize it properly then just concentrate on doing Your work at uni rather then wasting peoples time !

Well yh apart from that …..where i doubt ill be drinking that much ever again as i was really really bad hung over  ! Ive been shopping … bits for my room, perfume, makeup some shoes ,some sexy Kurt Geiger shoes that are £130 on ASOS were £40 on the KG store website with only a size 3 in stock ! AMAZING ….

My course is going great too met some lovely people and feel alot happier about my ideas and inspirations now so yh lets hope the good luck keeps rolling still need a job !!!!

Love little tortoise x

Fringe ?

Well apart from that delightful day of the package the rest of my time was spent baby sitting and vacuuming , i didn’t go the vintage shop, see anyone, or buy anything so that was that.

I did have my hair done yesterday tho …… im still getting used to having a fringe but this look is temporary till i can get some extensions and dye them next month…

Photo 100

Its not a drastic change but it does look and feel so much better…

Well yesterday was one of the best nights i had at uni all year, it was my friends 22nd b day and me and anna made him a card and cooked him and my other friend some food , lemon honey chicken and some homemade chips and pasta yummyyy…. even though i left my kitchen in a mess which , this making me look like a hypocrite due to the rant i wrote on the note on the kitchen door about my messy flatmates…..

As i was not planning to go out seems as i had just got back from Hinckley i wore the dress on in the picture, an old fave with some knee high socks and the amazing comfy slipper like red shoes  oh and that pretty little necklace round my neck……. well its now broke because of my friend !!!

But yh then we went to a club and we got the birthday boy drunk, popped champagne and gave him a bday shout from the brum crew….i was drunk thanks to my friend filling me up with drinkies!!!  but the bday boy  had a good night, everyone went McDonalds and found out my mate jess can produce !!! (random joke) …..such a funny night

No pictures from the night as anna forgot the camera… sorry .

Love little tortoise xx

Muffins & Wine

Well last night i did what i said i would too …let my hair down and party hard  but before that i cooked some lamb chops and my famous herbed roast potatoes for me and ana and then we made some muffins they were Delicious….. 😛


We then went to see bede army and  i brought 2 bottles of rose to get the night started, we also took some muffins for the lads they liked em !! It was then me and ana went to get ready i wore the dress !! It hasnt been happy with me as its been the wardrobe with the tag on for way to long but last night was its time to shine , i also wore my new earings and the famous red shoes.

Emma turned up and the 3 of us set off allready a lil giddy from my wine, emmas hair looked sexy and ana allways does anyway. So we jumped in the taxi got to liquid and had a very good drunken night, i must admit my behavior wasn’t the best but people did keep just giving me drinks !! and after the club a couple of people saw my bottom as my friend picked me up and spun me round not realizing my dress is way to short for those antics.

But the night ended up with me not being sick but going to bed feeling slighly awful and waking up feeling the same way .

Pictures to be added later.

love little tortoise xx

A better day

Well continuing from before….. wednesday i got back at 12 i apologised to Mr Propperganda, he made me a cup of tea and we went to sleep with shrek 2 on in the background i was planning to wake up at 4pm…i did but only to turn off the annoying bit of shrek were it says “pick me pick me ” when u go to play it then i feel back to sleep to 10pm !! shocking but it was wonderful !!

i had 8 missed calls and 9 texts there is a drink up tonight vicky halls then liquid…. i thought mose aswell go after the day i  had… but i was hungrey, Mr Propperganda road down to pizza king on his fixie to get me sum chicken n chips but called to say there was no chicken !! i just had fries and garlic bread nice !!!

I went to one club and it wernt to ggod then we went to our local spot manilla that wernt too good either was one of thoses nights i could of stayed in and not missed anything, apart from my friend emmas drunken antics that made me chuckle she lost her shoe in a bush … bless her
lets see what the rest of the week holds ……

love little tortoise xx

BBQ weather !!!

Wow bbq bonanza !!! all week summer is comming and i love it….only problem i have a workload as tall as me but i would rather have the sun beating down on my face while sitting in the park then buring up in my tiny little room !!

Ice creams, 99p , Disposalble BBQs £1.99, chicken £2.99 ….fun day at the park stuffing my face Priceless!!!

this is a taste of whats comming bring on summer !!!


rose wine, chicken legs, burgers,  cheese on toast !! oh yummy


Give it a couple week it be water pistols till dawn , rounders and lots more chicken !!!!

Love little tortoise xx