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New year … New hair

It was time for a change and as my hairs growing but not as  fast as i would like it too.. so with some help from my lovely hair dressers who provided me with some highlights and a new fringe and my  amazing friend remini who is the best at hair extensions … made me look like a modern day rapunzel !

And i love it , ive been every colour under the sun and thought about going red like i did last year with the big craze so far with Rihanna and Cheryl Cole but 3 of my beautiful friends are now rocking it !

So needed something different !

My new dreamer camera Urban outfitters .Paris studs … my  lovely present from a friend and my red bandanna from a vintage store that i got  for a £1 !

Cant wait to get my crimpers and rollers in it ive also got a wand which all of my friends can use but me ??…when i attempted i burnt my neck !! so future note don’t put on full temperature and watch tv at the same time !



The good life …..

Well now i got the depressing post out the way….. Id like to tell you about i new house and my pretty room ….and my new sexy hair and all the amazing things i have experienced while being back at uni !


Well i share with ana who you all know is like a sister to me and my other two flatmates lucy and jason we also have numerous other people that seem to live with us but don’t pay any rent…. long story but i wanna make it a nice one so ill leave the ranting for another day !

My room is sexy though ask anyone that has been in it, it may be the smallest room but i think it has the most character…i know i was extra and brought my bed up from Birmingham from my mums house but it had to be done comfiest bed ever… you wont know unless you get the privilege of sleeping in it ! But yh i have a little fire place with candles in and a huge white wardrobe n shelves aswell as some blue chest of draws with cute handles , apart from that i have some sexy throws and cushions and a nice light feature with flowers thats pretty gorgeous !!

But yh still need new curtains, rug and more storage…. trip to ikea anyone ??/


If you know me well or read this blog you know i have been craving long red hair all year !!! well i finally got it !


Its not red red ! but its like a dark cherry i love it ! Extensions  thats also my sexy dress n bag i got for my friends bday reminis 20th !


It was a really good night ! we even had a stripper he was fireman he wasn’t the beautiful guy we picked off the internet but i haven’t laughed so much in my life it was jokes and remini had a great bday ….. as for the rave after it was a flop some dumb dead out rave … no more of them for this year if you cant organize it properly then just concentrate on doing Your work at uni rather then wasting peoples time !

Well yh apart from that …..where i doubt ill be drinking that much ever again as i was really really bad hung over  ! Ive been shopping … bits for my room, perfume, makeup some shoes ,some sexy Kurt Geiger shoes that are £130 on ASOS were £40 on the KG store website with only a size 3 in stock ! AMAZING ….

My course is going great too met some lovely people and feel alot happier about my ideas and inspirations now so yh lets hope the good luck keeps rolling still need a job !!!!

Love little tortoise x