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Happy halloween…..(i know im late! )

Okay yh i knowย  im really late but hey i was sick and been really busy …….

Any way this year was good….after much anticipation since the start of October and deciding what to go as eitherย  it be poison ivy from batman … or pebbles from Flintstones i eventually went as a cave women which kinda looked a bit like pebbles….

Well me and ana brought some sexy furry leopard material from the market and took it our friend mias flatmate who made us some cute little outfits ! Now i know alot of guys say they dont like leopard print……but these costumes were HOT !


mia , ana n me


cave woman fight …..weave and wigs were not damaged luckily !!!!

well yh i know this post is extremely late but my mac crashed when i went to post it a couple weeks back and ive been too busy too come on ere n post !

sorry …….


little tortoise x