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My little Paris story

Well Where do i begin …. The coach trip was terrible and my experience with the Euro tunnel wasnt the most glamorous way to travel but it got us there and seeing that sun on the other side made me smile.

The weather was lovely But the hotel was basic …(don’t stay in an Ibis hotel if you go there … that’s all im saying,) but yes our first evening me and the other half went for a walk round and i felt so free… just strolling round Paris …yh i nearly got run over couple times but it was so refreshing to be somewhere new !

Everyone has told me before paris was dirty … well they obviously don’t realise there in Birmingham ! because i thought it was so beautiful the architecture of the apartments above all the bistros and bars are stunning with there balconies and french window shutters .. i was sold … i will live there one day !

But yes we went and saw the Effiel Tower and went down by the river and on the evening was taken to the latin quarter which was full of places to eat.. it took us ages to find somewhere but when we did it was worth it ! Food amazing i tipped quite a lot too . I think the only time i moaned was in the hotel in the morning for breakfast there was no tea left ! i know its so typically English but i always start the morning with a cuppa tea !

We did go to a great bistro where i had a black tea and it was lovely … only in Paris though soon as i got home i was like ” stick the kettle on babes and i want milk please !!”

The whole time i was constantly sidetracked by little gift shops even though most of them was the same i loved the trinkets ! Much to my boyfriends annoyance who was on a hunt for Colette ( Frances Selfridge’s ) the one shop he wanted to go to ! but seems as we was in the most “romantic city in the world ” i bit my tongue and even though we got lost , getting lost in somewhere you have never been like Paris is a great adventure.

One of the most beautiful sites i seen was a Just married couple sitting at a bistro i couldn’t tell you where because we were lost but it made me stand still and just stare , she was still in her wedding dress and it was an amazing dress so beautiful and strange at the same time … because no one batted an eyelid ?? Like it was normal ? maybe it was a photo shoot or something i dont know but another thing that surprised me was the children … they all looked they were born To model like given a contract for Gap when they left the hospital ??.. the little boys where so handsome and the girls where such little ladies and you saw no groups of kids or trouble makers it was like everyone just knew how to be civilised such a change from the UK ! .Another thing was everyone was on a cute bicycle or scooter!

I must admit the people there gave me some strange looks maybe its how i dressed ? a man even scared me to death , giving me a look as if i was a ghost and then chanting something !! very strange ??? But a waitress did compliment me on my Vivienne Westwood boots which made me smile .

This a view from the Tour Montparnasse the tallest building in paris and the perfect photo opportunity ! Unless your camera’s dead …. yes it happened typical ! so yes this is an iPhone picture but the views with my own eyes where amazing withe the telescope i swear i could see people s curtains in their cute apartments !

And yes we did eventually find Colette ! on our last day we were dropped into the north of Paris, which from what a tour guide told us is very Parisian and is known for its light-fingered thieves and tricksters. We was given an hour untill we returned to the coach for the journey home and rather than visit to the Sacre- Coeur unlike everyone else we took a quick snap and went running Past the Moulin Rouge in search of a cab to head for Colette !!

And it was an amazing store the boyfriend got his wish and some new trainers and i got some trinkets for the new apartment , we had a quick stop at Marc Jacobs and a cute french supermarket to pick up some snacks . Then began the race to get back to the coach before we was left stranded with no cases.. ( not that i would have minded …) And that’s when the romance ended the cab dropped us at the top of the Sacre- Coeur and its a long stair case down filled with pick pockets trying to sell you key rings or tie string round your finger telling you your beautiful … Suddenly i was mobbed ( slight exaggeration but there was loads of them ) my boyfriend was way ahead and my arms were filled with bags …and yes i admit i hit a gypsy lady with them as she tried to sell me something or tell me my future ! The boyfriend stepped in but i have still never rushed so much in my life only for the coach to be waiting for us, And then the long journey back home began.

But other than that … it was an amazing trip ! and we’ve started planning our next visit in April this time by plane and a nice hotel… you learn from experiences and this was a great one at that !!! All i can say that Paris is a beautiful , dignified, and romantic city and i cant wait to go back !

See you next year Paris


Not impressed !!!

After the amazing milka chocolate the other day…

Photo 153

I suggest everyone to try its cheaper too …. well since eating this the othernight ive had cravingings for chocolate like mad so i brought some malteasers today…. and i was not impressed


In my malteasers packet one of the lst ones i was looking forward too had no bloody chocolate on !!! ??? how did that happen ???? i ended up throwing the bald crunchy ball into the bin !

Ill think ill be sticking to good old Cadburys chocolate and lovely new milka from now on!!!


I need to go get some chocolate now and catch my train ! xx

Love little tortoise xx

Happy birthday !!!!


Im the Birthday Girl

Happy birthday to me im 19  !!!!

I have just got back home from Hinckley my dad just dropped me back ! Family BBQ was amazing , done some work , my dad took me for an amzazing meal for my bday yummy steak and an ice cream double chocolate brownie cake !!!!

Then i did a lil shopping and brought a lovely bag and shorts and some sexy underwear , pics soon not of the underwear though thats only for one persons eyes !!! haha

12 o’clock last night i got a text from Mr propperganda which made me cry as it was so cute … how sad and over emotional am i typical woman, and i was bombarded with notifications and texts and phone calls and i have been deprived of my mac for four days i did try to blog but my  iphone wernt having it,  lets hope they get word press application on the new iphone thats out Friday hint hint !!

I woke up this morning and caught my family trying to surprise me with a little bday cake and cards to their surprise i was up at 9am ! ha ha but as all ways i had to pretend it was my lil brothers bday too who blew out most my candles bless him !

But I will do another post tomorrow as i need to go pick up my bday dress from royal mail office as there was a mix up….and i have no presents to show you yet as all i have had is money so far… and i need to spend that on some food and drink for the party tonight !!!!


Love little tortoise xx

Sleep deprivation !!!

I cant sleep ….Mr Propperganda is mumbling in his sleep , im searching for a birthday outfit i found one but not possible for it to get here anytime in the next 2 weeks !!! n my bday is next week !!!

So upset about that, also never went to the job interview today as i felt unwell but later on we did go to town Mr propperganda brought a beautiful vintage jacket, and i got 2 pairs of shoes , £5 each very nice one i can wear to work if i get the job ,

We also went to see the film Coraline today in 3d !!! to be honest it was too long and abit creepy i was really excited when i got the glasses but maybe because im not 6 years old i didnt think it was amazing !!!  shame…. waiting for summer cinema there is some sensational films coming soon about time…


I watched Star Trek other day forgot to post about that as well im more of a Star wars girl with Jabba the pink thing i like him !! ….haha Star Trek was good though, that would have been interesting in 3d !! i also went Wagamammas which is a Japanese Restaurant …very nice !


We both had 71  katsu curry  i can never finish it all i did use the chop sticks abit though but mainly the food so i could eat it quicker !!!


Then desert….Mr propperganda had coconut & mango ice cream while i had cheese cake ….tasty the hot chocolate cake and ice cream looks amazing though going back for that !, I have a new love for the place now (i even handed in a cv ) and I especially love the 2 for one offer on the back of cinema tickets and the free green tea !! credit crunch couple time !!!!

Well i better get too bed so i can have a productive day tomorrow and hopefully find an outfit and maybe a job !!!

Goodnight & Sweet dreams

Love little tortoise xx

Sun is still shinning….

Im writing this late as allways due to no laptop in hinkley but i was too busy to write if i had one anyway….

Well saturday i got to hinkley got on the train and i saw somthing terrible….. a girl in neon pink fishnets a pink thong n bra n a pink tu tu i could see her bottom !!! eeeewwwww really???

When i got off the train i got lost trying to walk to the house rather than get taxi … my dad came to pick me up in the end. My family from london came down and i was left to baby sit, it was kinda easy my cousin is younger than 10 and my lil sis ent a problem we orderd chinese and watched britains got talent …and diversity won which was amazing !!!

Sunday me and my sis made a day of sunbathing, racing, picnic eating and jumping round my huge garden!!


trying to tan…..


She painted her self with that ice cream…. it later got eaten my ants whern she left it on the wall….nice!

I burnt my shoulders and my legs got a little less white ….but it was a lovely day .

summer loving it !!!

love little tortoise x

Buttercup guzzler….

Well i was meant to do a post Tuesday but i couldnt face it.

My trip back from Hinckly was long, i first went to Birmingham to try and get my eyebrows done but there was no free slots so i went to town to meet ana to catch the train , as always i was left waiting for a very long time…i went to Selfridges as i haven’t been there since Christmas and i ended up buying a little gem !! It was reduced from £15 to £4 and after my last bargain necklace my friend broke i though i deserved to treat myself….

Photo 114

I love it and will be wearing it to road block( big uni event ) tomorrow ,

Any way when ana finally got to the station we got to Leicester and went to look at a 2bed flat.. it was cosy but it was above a pizza place in town and i could walk into their kitchen from the stairway up to the flat….not good !! Also the views from the windows were disgusting, i do not want to look at the pizza places thrown away food and pigeon shit thank you !! So we passed there was loads of hidden charges as well !!But then something horrible happened !!!

It rained !!! i was in a dress !!! then it hailed…. now im in a wet dress !!! and my very pretty Marc Jacob jelly shoes were slipping off my feet so i couldn’t move so im standing in the rain and hail in a soaking wet dress, dripping hair and practically bare footed !!! I had to pull a pair of odd socks out my bag one pink one green and put them over my cold feet it didn’t look right with my pink dress, shoes n black leggings… i got into my house and had a hot shower and blow dried my hair ….but then i couldn’t stop sneezing

By 10pm that night i had used a whole bog roll for my runny nose and guzzled down half a bottle of buttercup cough medicine , never mind rubbing endless vapor rub on my chest… how attractive ….???

So weds moring i woke up at 5am, 8am and 11am either sweating or freezing cold and drinking loads of water, I was ment to go london today but gave it a miss …..


About 2pm i was awake but super glued to by bed loathing in self pity, still attached to the bottle of buttercup and i watched a couple of episodes of Eastenders and Ashes to Ashes …..then Mr Propperganda came and  dragged me out of bed at 6pm and made me a cup of tea. So i got showered and dressed feeling abit better…. Oh and ana found us a house so gotta view that Thursday …But right now im sitting eating a big bowl of strawberry angel delight… its doing wonders for my scratchy throat.

Photo 121

One more cup of tea ,an episode of apprentice and more buttercup medicine and im off to bed…

Love little tortoise xx

i hate .. get anoyed by

Rain and wind at the same time, weak umbrellas, dirrty dishes,toliet seat left up, making my bed, alarm clocks,  fake tan , neonbright hair, girls that cant walk in heels, bad weaves, taste of lucazade, lazy people, badly edited photos, little dogs, girls wearing too much make up , tracksuits, being disapointed,  long ques, taste of  coffee, public transport, dropping phones, tags sticking out, bad oduor, liars, pop music, discontinued polaroid film, deadlines, losing money, salad, nosey people, cold feet, bank charges , hangovers, burnt food, finding a job, stickers on the bottom of shoes, jelousy, too many bright colours, scratched dvds, star tattoos!!, crying babies, broken jewlery, intervering people, nothing on t.v, microwave food, fake trainers, heavy suitcases, delayed flights, slippery floors, black ice, vomit, mc donalds mayo, people not texting back, sleezy boys, easy girls, people dressed as animals, polystyrene, empty fridge, smell of bad milk, exercising, battery low, sea food, excessive smokers, angrey people, dirrty looks, mascara dryed up, odd socks, heels that hurt, pointless projects……

And badly made tea…..


Love little tortoise xx