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Spell : Lula magazine x Topshop

Stumbled across this while searching to buy one of my favourite magazines Lula , and i loved it made in 2009, so yh its old but i love it, the music , the clothes and some brilliant shots.

What todays lazy day needs some inspiration  !



Your song….

Actually love this , aswell as her not only is it on the john lewis christmas advert but the video has also inspired me on a project im doing ..

i just love her voice she reminds me of Emililana Torrini

All there songs are on repeat … constant inspiration .



Inspiration : hello alice

One of my first ideas for my project was to have an alice in wonderland themed shoot with the film due to come out ( i saw the film ….ending was too short but beautifully done ) i thought the idea was amazing but like allways my ideas are sometimes out of reach for the props , models etc i have so i forgot the idea and then i stumbled across these beauties on ffffound and smiled and was thinking this is what i wanted to do ….

Alice with brown hair … like it

A mix of studio photography and montage

Love this one x

Beautiful series fashion photography portraying the fantasy of alice in wonderland work was made by

Creative Antonia Yordanova, Niki Phoenix, Momchil hristov

Style Antonia Yordanova

Hair Dani @ Arlet

Make up Vencislava Koicheva

Model Elizabeth@Ivet Fashion
Post production DEMO+TONO

You can find the work here Alice


FEED: Noise

Matthew Boulton HND Graphic Design Graduate Show:

Well i went to my old college on Thursday to see my friends work , so i happens it wasnt my friends work well one of them but he wernt their but it was the people in the year above….

Lets just say inspiring is an understatement ….. i was really impressed and it brought back lots of happy times when i was in the feed studio, i do actually miss i,t it was an environment where you wanted to work , you was inspired by the people around you with ideas bouncing around as well as everyone’s different styles.

Seeing my old tutors was good too i wish i could have people like them at uni well some of them …. im still hearing my friends talk about one of them and i couldnt stop laughing some things dont change …

This work is by Martin Wilke’s


Now being stupid i forgot to take peoples names down when i took the photos so if this is your work or you know whos is drop a comment and ill add a link to your website and put credit on the page


The drawings were really good it was spread across the whole wall and cupboards with some fake grass on top,  im a fan of this style of illustration anyway , its coming back to me who’s work this is now but im rubbish with names i think he done it in about 2 -3 days if i heard correctly…


i cant twll what the storey is about i would hate to assume and get it wrong …

input to the blog welcome …. : )


This was my favorite illustration.

Facebook has helped out my rubbish short memory:

The show encompasses a plethora of media from print design to motion graphics – ranging from conceptual work to throwaway eye candy that can be stand alone artwork or adapted for a client’s design needs.


The video alongside this  poster really inspired me, the thing about my uni is that they don’t show us anything to do with after effects or animation they want our work to be static, clean and generic …. so it inspired me to think fuck em im gonna learn this shit !! Im tooled with a Dictaphone watch out !


Also where we used to have our lectures this  little seminar room was all these little paper moutins and i big animation projected on the wall i liked how they used the whole space to make it part of the work.

Now for my favorite piece



This wa my favourite i found it really creative !

Well seeing the old college boys was really nice too , i actually do miss them i havnent met any one like them at uni and i saw some old faces that are getting on with designing which was really nice to hear.

Well after one glass of white wine which was too strong! a bitch to my old tutors about my new tutors and a lil catch up with friends i stayed with 2 of my old college friends that go my uni aswell and then i went home

I heard at the show three of my fellow uni friends are going back for references as their leaving uni, i have one thing to say if you have distinction work and go to a okay uni your work is still going to be distinction level  …. its what you make it not who teaches you.


If anyone would like to add a link to a website or add info, and if any of you creative people out their would like to talk about anything that inspires you or your own work just drop a comment.

Love little tortoise xx