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A late merry christmas a Happy new year !

Im writing in pain ( exstream back ache )and disgust on why it took me so long to blog mainly as time went to quick both christmas and new year is a blur it feels like i got a weekend off work and thats it…

All though i did get most of my christmas presents apart from the Jeffery Campbell boots or the dior compact ….. sold out  story of my life  so far this year…

My christmas day was presents with the kids, lots of food and monopoly , and boxing day i spent the evening visiting the rest of my family in birmingham and going to the lovely italian  restaurant Piccolinos with the other half  and the place is now my favourite restaurant !!! and then spent the eveining opening my loveley presents !!

My little brother and below me with my lovely Marc Jacobs necklace..

I night out with people from work followed by my sisters birthday which was the 2nd of january … my photos from new years are on my dads laptop but that was another family affair …

My little sisters 3rd birthday which included dance off on the wii  ! loved it !

My bag from camden market when i went to london which i now wear everywere !

And a new fur hat ! as my last one was stolen …. dam it !

But yes its a New year and my resolutions are as followed ….

1. Cancel the gym membership ! Cheaper to do it at home

2.Clean out my wardrobe and sell my old beauties

3.Sort out my work …and set up my website !

4.Plan at least 2 holidays

5.Save …Save….Save

Lets 2011 be a good year !!!



Is it too late to say merry christmas??

Im really sorry for being such a shit blogger part of it is my fault for being so busy and the rest is some very sad circumstances…….

Were do i start …erm well 1st of all my lovely house became less lovely … to the point where i was hardly even in it i could go into details but its a long story and if you know me well enough you would have heard me complain countless times….. other than that i have some really bad news that has effected the blog quite significantly my beautiful amazing iMac apple computer was stolen for legal reasons i wont go into it but wow it has left a big empty space on my desktop and in my heart !!! lol it sounds sad but my whole life was on that computer countless pictures of my family, videos of my siblings, personal information, bookmarks of amazing artists..blogs and shops and most importantly priceless amount of beautiful future portfolio work of my photography !!!!

It’s just what i needed after an amazingly shit 2009 ….. being broke, failing my course, the worst summer ever, then uni losing my re submission work then nearly not even being able to go back to uni ……

Apart from being hit by a car it was the “best” worst ending to the ultimate shitest year in my life it was 2006 all over again …. even though now i look back at 2006 as a year i learnt so many lessons ( mostly about men … or should i say boys ?) i suppose next year i will look back at 2009 and realise that i learnt alot about the choices i make and the company i keep !!!

Well apart from all this horrible bad news i had i still have my ideas and my dreams so i can continue to make even more brilliant work….. i have my health and i have my family and friends and all i can say is when bad things like this happen it shows you who are your real friends !!!!

I hope everyone else had an amazing christmas mine was okay time of work was the best thing ever and seeing the little ones open their presents….. i got some Vivienne Westwood boots and jewelry off kevin and a necklace off anna all of it i love very much and then make up and bath stuff which is always lovely …..

No matter what happens keep smiling : )

love little tortoise x

He loves me….

Now for the presents Mr Propperganda got me…. seems as the lazy friends are busy being lazy i will have to put this picture up from the internet !!! unfortunately even though id prefer a picture of myself … your probably thinking how vain …erm no it looked amazing i loved the dress and so did everyone else !!!

52842c 52842a

After hours that day i found this … and i loved it,  you know i love stripes…..

Also To help me on my path towards photography he got me this amazing book

Photo 145 Photo 146

The Photography book

has some amazing photography with brief descriptions that go into lots of  detail but keeping the focus on the beautiful pictures, I hate books with too many words, When trying to read somthing for my course i find it too overwelming. As they say a picture speaks a 1000 words….

The next present deserves a post all to it self !!!

Love little tortoise xx

Bday cards and pressies ….

I got some lovely cards from the family and some nice friends …the rest showered me with wine and Malibu (literally some split in on my dress ha ) which in my eyes was just as thoughtful …


My favourite card


How cute, from ana bless her, she also got me these….



If you know me you know i have a thing for trinket boxes i love anything pretty i can hide little treasures in or broken bits of jewelry i intend to fix one day…the earrings she got me are cute too !


And if you didnt know by now you must be very stupid that

I love tea.

and even more so cute mugs ….Thank you Ana  ♥

Love little tortoise x

Happy birthday !!!!


Im the Birthday Girl

Happy birthday to me im 19  !!!!

I have just got back home from Hinckley my dad just dropped me back ! Family BBQ was amazing , done some work , my dad took me for an amzazing meal for my bday yummy steak and an ice cream double chocolate brownie cake !!!!

Then i did a lil shopping and brought a lovely bag and shorts and some sexy underwear , pics soon not of the underwear though thats only for one persons eyes !!! haha

12 o’clock last night i got a text from Mr propperganda which made me cry as it was so cute … how sad and over emotional am i typical woman, and i was bombarded with notifications and texts and phone calls and i have been deprived of my mac for four days i did try to blog but my  iphone wernt having it,  lets hope they get word press application on the new iphone thats out Friday hint hint !!

I woke up this morning and caught my family trying to surprise me with a little bday cake and cards to their surprise i was up at 9am ! ha ha but as all ways i had to pretend it was my lil brothers bday too who blew out most my candles bless him !

But I will do another post tomorrow as i need to go pick up my bday dress from royal mail office as there was a mix up….and i have no presents to show you yet as all i have had is money so far… and i need to spend that on some food and drink for the party tonight !!!!


Love little tortoise xx

I want it now !!!

Well my hungover little self had a to do list as long as her arm today but i made no attempt to do anything…. another day were i haven’t tided the course work up from Tuesday, vacuumed, washed up from last night, paid the rent, or got my hair done never mind finding a job or looking for somewhere to live …..

Im hopeless but i have caught up on waterloo road and the aprentice that i missed last night, i can only stomach to eat a muffin from yest and 3 cups of tea i did just have a bag of wotsits though. Im suffering from last nights drinking i havnt got energy to eat or cook or pick up the phone.

But i have also stumbled on some pretty amazing things on the internet today,and have turned into veronica salt from charlie and the chocolate factory !!!


My birthday is a month away so heres some ideas ……









Beautiful things ….. i want them all …..ahhhh i need a job !!! or maybe all the people that love me can buy me these pretty things….. : )

love little tortoise xx