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Life is harsh

wow….. like today hasn’t been one of the worst days of my life….I’m not going to go into details I’m mad at my self my own stupid decisions…. my stupid dyslexic brain that only has the ability to get the wrong end of the stick or mess up the simplest of tasks…..

Yes im sorry to say that rather then mention  my amazing all niter  till 7am finishing my typography brief on the 14th n managing to print n deliver that shit 20mins just before hand in after catching 3 buses and 2 trains !!!

Im no longer dreaming of typography but me and that art form have finally got an understanding, as well as  the 15th being my only nephews 1st birthday and having my twin sister who is incredibility unorganized throw a pretty good dam party….apart from pass the parcel where ive never swore in my life so much ….more will be explained in a post dedicated to his bday celebration.

This post is just for moan about how crappy my life is right now ….im mainly righting this as i crawled into a ball around 8pm in my bed crying as you do and fell asleep till now 1am  when i got a text…and ive had no food  and barely any fluids all day so im drinking tea n got a biscuit thats me for the day!

So i have learned today the world is unfair, life is harsh, people will be rude, selfish and totally inappropriate to your situation…..any man hovering outside a phone box is bad news !


love little tortoise xx