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Is it too late to say merry christmas??

Im really sorry for being such a shit blogger part of it is my fault for being so busy and the rest is some very sad circumstances…….

Were do i start …erm well 1st of all my lovely house became less lovely … to the point where i was hardly even in it i could go into details but its a long story and if you know me well enough you would have heard me complain countless times….. other than that i have some really bad news that has effected the blog quite significantly my beautiful amazing iMac apple computer was stolen for legal reasons i wont go into it but wow it has left a big empty space on my desktop and in my heart !!! lol it sounds sad but my whole life was on that computer countless pictures of my family, videos of my siblings, personal information, bookmarks of amazing artists..blogs and shops and most importantly priceless amount of beautiful future portfolio work of my photography !!!!

It’s just what i needed after an amazingly shit 2009 ….. being broke, failing my course, the worst summer ever, then uni losing my re submission work then nearly not even being able to go back to uni ……

Apart from being hit by a car it was the “best” worst ending to the ultimate shitest year in my life it was 2006 all over again …. even though now i look back at 2006 as a year i learnt so many lessons ( mostly about men … or should i say boys ?) i suppose next year i will look back at 2009 and realise that i learnt alot about the choices i make and the company i keep !!!

Well apart from all this horrible bad news i had i still have my ideas and my dreams so i can continue to make even more brilliant work….. i have my health and i have my family and friends and all i can say is when bad things like this happen it shows you who are your real friends !!!!

I hope everyone else had an amazing christmas mine was okay time of work was the best thing ever and seeing the little ones open their presents….. i got some Vivienne Westwood boots and jewelry off kevin and a necklace off anna all of it i love very much and then make up and bath stuff which is always lovely …..

No matter what happens keep smiling : )

love little tortoise x


Oh yh ….

I kinda got my results the other day… and i kinda passed

When i say kinda i mean half ….. i missed by graphics by a couple marks  so i have to do some little brief over the summer and then i can go to second year ,……


To reflect on the first year…. i socialised and that’s a pleasant way of saying i took full advantage of student cheap drinks….!!! but i did make some really good friends its been kinda up and down since January but after drama and rumours i have learnt not to let people get to you or situations…. things kinda work them selves out in time…

So the plan 2nd year to disract me from the never ending student nights i have three things i need to learn

1. Learn another lauguage

2.Learn to drive

3.Learn to swim

All 3 is alot to learn and i decided to start with number 1! any suggestions and what language to pick ?

I was inspired by my frie nd who is learning Italian and he told me his friends views on some British people being ignorent  as they don’t bother to learn another language as they assume everyone should speak english…. And as i have big plans to travel i should really start learning a 2nd tongue….

Well im on the right track for next year yay !! Just gotta stay focussed.

Love little tortoise x