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Foxy …..

I have a new obsession …. and its all to do with foxes, dont get me wrong  i saw one in the local park not long ago at something like 12am and it scared the shit out of me …it just stared at me as i walked quickly on the path … but i watched fantastic mr fox the other day (…again  i love the film )and then noticed how much these little furry rodents are all over the place !









Urban outfitters Fox Print shopper .










See By Chloe long sleeve fox tee










Asos mini fox stud earrings










Asos Debonair smoking fox crew neck t- shirt


Love it ! im after a fox scarf … not a real one though but one that looks like a foxes tail !


1st day of christmas

Woooooo 1st of december and the snow is falling and this year i am fully prepared with a variety of thick coats, cosy hats and thick tights ! The only thing i need is some practical gloves, when you have a touch screen phone and a slr camera your freezing your hands the majority of the day … so no photos of the snow yet but i am going to do my christmas shopping this weekend in Birmingham at the German Christmas market  cant wait !

Well my boyfriend has started his shopping all ready and i have lots of lovely things but these beauties i think any girl would like to see in thier christmas stocking or by the tree  !









Lomography Diana F+ Dreamer Camera ( plus some film so i can snap away ! ) Urban Outfitters

Viktor & Rolf Flower bomb 50ml gift set  House of Fraser










Soap & Glory all around her gift set  .. my favourite pamper treats ASOS.com










The one thing im missing gloves that go with everything  leopard leather cut away lady glove ASOS.com










Vintage fur faux coat ASOS.com ( im probably going to buy this this week !)









Polaroid notes Urban outfitters










Paul & Joe sparkles collection cat lipstick ( colour : over the moon ) so cute ive wanted this for ages ! ASOS.com









Kissing bird ring urban outfitters online exclusive











The shoes missing from my life that would make me complete ! Jeffery cambell knit cuff boots …. currently trying to search for them anywhere in stock !!!

Dior minaudiere in pink golds … im in love with it   Selfridges

And if all else fails ……

All ways resort to Top shop…. i would pretty much live in there if i could and hey they sell sweets so i wouldn’t starve to death !

Well thats my christmas wish list …. im getting my hair done tomorrow i cant wait curtsey of the boyfriend as a christmas gift  ! Merci !!

I will be posting pictures tomorrow !



My little Paris story

Well Where do i begin …. The coach trip was terrible and my experience with the Euro tunnel wasnt the most glamorous way to travel but it got us there and seeing that sun on the other side made me smile.

The weather was lovely But the hotel was basic …(don’t stay in an Ibis hotel if you go there … that’s all im saying,) but yes our first evening me and the other half went for a walk round and i felt so free… just strolling round Paris …yh i nearly got run over couple times but it was so refreshing to be somewhere new !

Everyone has told me before paris was dirty … well they obviously don’t realise there in Birmingham ! because i thought it was so beautiful the architecture of the apartments above all the bistros and bars are stunning with there balconies and french window shutters .. i was sold … i will live there one day !

But yes we went and saw the Effiel Tower and went down by the river and on the evening was taken to the latin quarter which was full of places to eat.. it took us ages to find somewhere but when we did it was worth it ! Food amazing i tipped quite a lot too . I think the only time i moaned was in the hotel in the morning for breakfast there was no tea left ! i know its so typically English but i always start the morning with a cuppa tea !

We did go to a great bistro where i had a black tea and it was lovely … only in Paris though soon as i got home i was like ” stick the kettle on babes and i want milk please !!”

The whole time i was constantly sidetracked by little gift shops even though most of them was the same i loved the trinkets ! Much to my boyfriends annoyance who was on a hunt for Colette ( Frances Selfridge’s ) the one shop he wanted to go to ! but seems as we was in the most “romantic city in the world ” i bit my tongue and even though we got lost , getting lost in somewhere you have never been like Paris is a great adventure.

One of the most beautiful sites i seen was a Just married couple sitting at a bistro i couldn’t tell you where because we were lost but it made me stand still and just stare , she was still in her wedding dress and it was an amazing dress so beautiful and strange at the same time … because no one batted an eyelid ?? Like it was normal ? maybe it was a photo shoot or something i dont know but another thing that surprised me was the children … they all looked they were born To model like given a contract for Gap when they left the hospital ??.. the little boys where so handsome and the girls where such little ladies and you saw no groups of kids or trouble makers it was like everyone just knew how to be civilised such a change from the UK ! .Another thing was everyone was on a cute bicycle or scooter!

I must admit the people there gave me some strange looks maybe its how i dressed ? a man even scared me to death , giving me a look as if i was a ghost and then chanting something !! very strange ??? But a waitress did compliment me on my Vivienne Westwood boots which made me smile .

This a view from the Tour Montparnasse the tallest building in paris and the perfect photo opportunity ! Unless your camera’s dead …. yes it happened typical ! so yes this is an iPhone picture but the views with my own eyes where amazing withe the telescope i swear i could see people s curtains in their cute apartments !

And yes we did eventually find Colette ! on our last day we were dropped into the north of Paris, which from what a tour guide told us is very Parisian and is known for its light-fingered thieves and tricksters. We was given an hour untill we returned to the coach for the journey home and rather than visit to the Sacre- Coeur unlike everyone else we took a quick snap and went running Past the Moulin Rouge in search of a cab to head for Colette !!

And it was an amazing store the boyfriend got his wish and some new trainers and i got some trinkets for the new apartment , we had a quick stop at Marc Jacobs and a cute french supermarket to pick up some snacks . Then began the race to get back to the coach before we was left stranded with no cases.. ( not that i would have minded …) And that’s when the romance ended the cab dropped us at the top of the Sacre- Coeur and its a long stair case down filled with pick pockets trying to sell you key rings or tie string round your finger telling you your beautiful … Suddenly i was mobbed ( slight exaggeration but there was loads of them ) my boyfriend was way ahead and my arms were filled with bags …and yes i admit i hit a gypsy lady with them as she tried to sell me something or tell me my future ! The boyfriend stepped in but i have still never rushed so much in my life only for the coach to be waiting for us, And then the long journey back home began.

But other than that … it was an amazing trip ! and we’ve started planning our next visit in April this time by plane and a nice hotel… you learn from experiences and this was a great one at that !!! All i can say that Paris is a beautiful , dignified, and romantic city and i cant wait to go back !

See you next year Paris


Topshop make up !

Im late posting this but hey im a student i was doing work !!! i did infact make it down to my nearest store for a sneaky purchase of Topshops new make up range !!! allready sold by the cute packaging  advertised in nearly every magazine,  i wanted to see if it was really gonna match up to somthing great ….. and as all ways Topshop never disapoints me …

My nearest store is Leicester Highcross unforgenetly, not that its a bad store just if i had went to birmingham ( my home town ) i could of got my make up done for me on there special promotion but you gotta just work with what you got….

Im not normally a bright make up kinda girl , gold shimmer eye shadow and mascara , and red lipstick is a must but other than that i dont venture much in to paintbox brights but then i found somthing that was so lovely i had to try the tester …. Its was Brighton rock lipstick a really bright pink , totally not me but actually looked quite hot !

And also i am going to Brighton for my birthday so im sure it was a sign i had to buy it  *wink *wink  …, I didnt stop there i tried the blusher , brozer, Skin tint ,  some lovely orange lip balm that smelt amazing … and then i saw the nail varnishs …. that is one department were i do dip into the paintbox …. I found what my friend calls “blue tac ” paint  a lovey lilac nail varnish By the name Parma Violet …. you know like the sweets ?

And with only two left on the shelf i has to grab it before someone else took it away from me . To be honest with you i could quite happily throw my make up collection away at home ( apart from my MAC foundation and Victoria Jackson bronzer ….best ever ! ) and start from scratch with topshop make up and make my dresser look oh so pretty but what student has got that type of money ??

Verdict overall im sold , packaging lovely , colours on trend , smells lovely and looks hot …. what more can you ask for ?

(Excuse the hair this is how it naturally looks , took out the weave… will have long hair back soon…hopefully )

Hello green eyes… where did my blue eyes go  ?

Lips in Brighton Rock £8,   Nails in Parma Violet £5

Go treat ya self  www.topshop.com


Panic and freak out !!!

hey dont even think im going to post about my easter progress ……the only progress ive made is making my wardrobe a whole lot fuller …. messing up my room , and workinh 11 hour shifts at work ….. ( well i did one  but it was a big deal for me !!!) … i have worked quite a lot though so much that i dont feel like a uni student any more  untill now ….. untill i see the giant pile of work i have to do and only 3 weeks till FINAL ASSESSMENT  !!! AAAARRRRRRHHHHHHH …. oh and the essay is due in monday !!! FUCK !!!

To say im having sleepless nights is an understatement …. i have all these ideas floating around but havnt had enough time to get them down and there slowly floating away….. all though i have made some lovely discoveries that i need to share with you that ill be posting up im also creating a new page when all this work is out the way to show you all my lovely work …. lets hope it gets that far !!!


Oh so its February…

A month ago i promised to be more productive …hhhmmm yh well i was so productive that i litterely restricted my self from blogging in any form so thats why i havnt posted but i have managed to get my assignments done !

lets just hope the hardwork paid off !!!

I spent quite some time in the darkroom it is really a pleasent place to be when im developing in the dark i just get to think …about everything really,  but trying to cram all the work in was really stressful and i did mess up some of my prints…. But i also got my digital work done and got a book printed !!! so i think i got alot done !

The images from My book… Sam phillips Photography Journal can be found on my facebook page aswell as my other recent work .

Well apart from buying out Urban Outfitters sale department and stuffing myself with take aways  all ive done is mess up my boyfriends room by practically living there for 2 weeks i think if he ive put him off ever concidering living with a woman …. essecially one as unorganised as me !

As for the new years resolutions i have not got a tattoo yet ( i got scared !)and  have not joined the gym…. f**k it !!! i dont need to i enjoy food too much …. i have become addicted to subways honey mustard… and garlic mayo on home made chips with chicken pastabake on the side …..amazing !!!

Ill leave you to check out my work i hope you do and leave some feed back, its allways good to hear .

Love little tortoise xx

The good life …..

Well now i got the depressing post out the way….. Id like to tell you about i new house and my pretty room ….and my new sexy hair and all the amazing things i have experienced while being back at uni !


Well i share with ana who you all know is like a sister to me and my other two flatmates lucy and jason we also have numerous other people that seem to live with us but don’t pay any rent…. long story but i wanna make it a nice one so ill leave the ranting for another day !

My room is sexy though ask anyone that has been in it, it may be the smallest room but i think it has the most character…i know i was extra and brought my bed up from Birmingham from my mums house but it had to be done comfiest bed ever… you wont know unless you get the privilege of sleeping in it ! But yh i have a little fire place with candles in and a huge white wardrobe n shelves aswell as some blue chest of draws with cute handles , apart from that i have some sexy throws and cushions and a nice light feature with flowers thats pretty gorgeous !!

But yh still need new curtains, rug and more storage…. trip to ikea anyone ??/


If you know me well or read this blog you know i have been craving long red hair all year !!! well i finally got it !


Its not red red ! but its like a dark cherry i love it ! Extensions  thats also my sexy dress n bag i got for my friends bday reminis 20th !


It was a really good night ! we even had a stripper he was fireman he wasn’t the beautiful guy we picked off the internet but i haven’t laughed so much in my life it was jokes and remini had a great bday ….. as for the rave after it was a flop some dumb dead out rave … no more of them for this year if you cant organize it properly then just concentrate on doing Your work at uni rather then wasting peoples time !

Well yh apart from that …..where i doubt ill be drinking that much ever again as i was really really bad hung over  ! Ive been shopping … bits for my room, perfume, makeup some shoes ,some sexy Kurt Geiger shoes that are £130 on ASOS were £40 on the KG store website with only a size 3 in stock ! AMAZING ….

My course is going great too met some lovely people and feel alot happier about my ideas and inspirations now so yh lets hope the good luck keeps rolling still need a job !!!!

Love little tortoise x