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My little Paris story

Well Where do i begin …. The coach trip was terrible and my experience with the Euro tunnel wasnt the most glamorous way to travel but it got us there and seeing that sun on the other side made me smile.

The weather was lovely But the hotel was basic …(don’t stay in an Ibis hotel if you go there … that’s all im saying,) but yes our first evening me and the other half went for a walk round and i felt so free… just strolling round Paris …yh i nearly got run over couple times but it was so refreshing to be somewhere new !

Everyone has told me before paris was dirty … well they obviously don’t realise there in Birmingham ! because i thought it was so beautiful the architecture of the apartments above all the bistros and bars are stunning with there balconies and french window shutters .. i was sold … i will live there one day !

But yes we went and saw the Effiel Tower and went down by the river and on the evening was taken to the latin quarter which was full of places to eat.. it took us ages to find somewhere but when we did it was worth it ! Food amazing i tipped quite a lot too . I think the only time i moaned was in the hotel in the morning for breakfast there was no tea left ! i know its so typically English but i always start the morning with a cuppa tea !

We did go to a great bistro where i had a black tea and it was lovely … only in Paris though soon as i got home i was like ” stick the kettle on babes and i want milk please !!”

The whole time i was constantly sidetracked by little gift shops even though most of them was the same i loved the trinkets ! Much to my boyfriends annoyance who was on a hunt for Colette ( Frances Selfridge’s ) the one shop he wanted to go to ! but seems as we was in the most “romantic city in the world ” i bit my tongue and even though we got lost , getting lost in somewhere you have never been like Paris is a great adventure.

One of the most beautiful sites i seen was a Just married couple sitting at a bistro i couldn’t tell you where because we were lost but it made me stand still and just stare , she was still in her wedding dress and it was an amazing dress so beautiful and strange at the same time … because no one batted an eyelid ?? Like it was normal ? maybe it was a photo shoot or something i dont know but another thing that surprised me was the children … they all looked they were born To model like given a contract for Gap when they left the hospital ??.. the little boys where so handsome and the girls where such little ladies and you saw no groups of kids or trouble makers it was like everyone just knew how to be civilised such a change from the UK ! .Another thing was everyone was on a cute bicycle or scooter!

I must admit the people there gave me some strange looks maybe its how i dressed ? a man even scared me to death , giving me a look as if i was a ghost and then chanting something !! very strange ??? But a waitress did compliment me on my Vivienne Westwood boots which made me smile .

This a view from the Tour Montparnasse the tallest building in paris and the perfect photo opportunity ! Unless your camera’s dead …. yes it happened typical ! so yes this is an iPhone picture but the views with my own eyes where amazing withe the telescope i swear i could see people s curtains in their cute apartments !

And yes we did eventually find Colette ! on our last day we were dropped into the north of Paris, which from what a tour guide told us is very Parisian and is known for its light-fingered thieves and tricksters. We was given an hour untill we returned to the coach for the journey home and rather than visit to the Sacre- Coeur unlike everyone else we took a quick snap and went running Past the Moulin Rouge in search of a cab to head for Colette !!

And it was an amazing store the boyfriend got his wish and some new trainers and i got some trinkets for the new apartment , we had a quick stop at Marc Jacobs and a cute french supermarket to pick up some snacks . Then began the race to get back to the coach before we was left stranded with no cases.. ( not that i would have minded …) And that’s when the romance ended the cab dropped us at the top of the Sacre- Coeur and its a long stair case down filled with pick pockets trying to sell you key rings or tie string round your finger telling you your beautiful … Suddenly i was mobbed ( slight exaggeration but there was loads of them ) my boyfriend was way ahead and my arms were filled with bags …and yes i admit i hit a gypsy lady with them as she tried to sell me something or tell me my future ! The boyfriend stepped in but i have still never rushed so much in my life only for the coach to be waiting for us, And then the long journey back home began.

But other than that … it was an amazing trip ! and we’ve started planning our next visit in April this time by plane and a nice hotel… you learn from experiences and this was a great one at that !!! All i can say that Paris is a beautiful , dignified, and romantic city and i cant wait to go back !

See you next year Paris


Paris !!!

Bonjour … i have been back from the Lovely Paris now for a week and started back at work , i would of posted as soon as i gt back but was ill ,,,( due to coming back to shitty English weather !! )

Well how was it ? …. erm Amazing wouldn’t even some it up !  i loved it i think one day i may call it my home , once i learn French that is  and hopefully after having a taste of what a lovely city it is i will try and learn fast.

This trip made me realise how narrow minded i had been towards learning another language , my excuse all these years is presuming everyone speaks English  right ? erm no everyone told me that everyone speaks English in Paris  ! well they dont and it was ignorant for me to expect them too  ( i know this ), French is such a beautiful language and im kicking my self for throwing the chance away at school to learn it !

Well here’s some photos …The Eiffel Tower

And  here is a picture of me that the other half took

This was on our last day to a visit to the Sacre- Coeur

And on the lovely tour bus  driving past the Moulin Rouge  !

(taken with  a 35mm Yashica film camera )

We went on a bank holiday weekend and everything was closed on sunday : ( so any shopping was done on the last day … ( got some goodies to show you ) but the food , sights and company was perfect .

Paris made my summer this year.


Panic and freak out !!!

hey dont even think im going to post about my easter progress ……the only progress ive made is making my wardrobe a whole lot fuller …. messing up my room , and workinh 11 hour shifts at work ….. ( well i did one  but it was a big deal for me !!!) … i have worked quite a lot though so much that i dont feel like a uni student any more  untill now ….. untill i see the giant pile of work i have to do and only 3 weeks till FINAL ASSESSMENT  !!! AAAARRRRRRHHHHHHH …. oh and the essay is due in monday !!! FUCK !!!

To say im having sleepless nights is an understatement …. i have all these ideas floating around but havnt had enough time to get them down and there slowly floating away….. all though i have made some lovely discoveries that i need to share with you that ill be posting up im also creating a new page when all this work is out the way to show you all my lovely work …. lets hope it gets that far !!!


Life is harsh

wow….. like today hasn’t been one of the worst days of my life….I’m not going to go into details I’m mad at my self my own stupid decisions…. my stupid dyslexic brain that only has the ability to get the wrong end of the stick or mess up the simplest of tasks…..

Yes im sorry to say that rather then mention  my amazing all niter  till 7am finishing my typography brief on the 14th n managing to print n deliver that shit 20mins just before hand in after catching 3 buses and 2 trains !!!

Im no longer dreaming of typography but me and that art form have finally got an understanding, as well as  the 15th being my only nephews 1st birthday and having my twin sister who is incredibility unorganized throw a pretty good dam party….apart from pass the parcel where ive never swore in my life so much ….more will be explained in a post dedicated to his bday celebration.

This post is just for moan about how crappy my life is right now ….im mainly righting this as i crawled into a ball around 8pm in my bed crying as you do and fell asleep till now 1am  when i got a text…and ive had no food  and barely any fluids all day so im drinking tea n got a biscuit thats me for the day!

So i have learned today the world is unfair, life is harsh, people will be rude, selfish and totally inappropriate to your situation…..any man hovering outside a phone box is bad news !


love little tortoise xx

Last night out…

Hey im writing from hinckley again!!! my new home, and the mac is here my family havnt seen me since dinner because im with my little friend….i did wash up though i wernt that bad….

Well i moved and oh my was it big lucky my dad brought a new van as i packed that up so much a car just wouldnt have done it , i have the cleaning to go back to tomorrow which will be fun .

I havnt really had time to blog as ive been packinng, cleaning, working and oh yes going out…. me and the uni lot had one last night out in lesta, i haven’t been out since shitty roadblock and haven’t drank since my bday so i think i deserved to go out, but  i have misplaced my i. so decided to wing it !! and i got in 3 places, without being asked for it!!

With only the value of £5 after the taxi we was lucky to get in anywhere and with the rain getting us all wet, we ended up in some free entry skanky little pub full of old black men and fat white women winding up them selves one looked like the one from shameless as well as an old lady singing along to every Track ….she was on it  , the jokes did not end all night i think the only reason we stayed there so long was pure fasinaction…


You couldn’t dance too much just incase we was pounced on by some old man and going the toliet in 3s so we wasnt seperated …we all stayed round by the dj closest exit to the door those  of us who was lucky to sit down had an escape from strange guys leering behind them….allthough the window seat wasnt the best option either with some one eyed yardie pirate peering in noticeing the freash meat ….. very entertaining !!!

We did end up somewhere decent and got discounted wine and i did have a good night i just cant wait till freshers week!!!

Love little tortoise xx

Getting there ….

Today has been slow….

i was cut off by 02 which was much annoyance and also being told i desperately need to find a job to pay my rent installment…Today we signed the papers for our little house and there actually re painting the hall yay !!! no more bright yellow !! So good news to pay 6weeks rent by end of the month…. bad news!


But the house is now ours, off the market !!! very good news i have big plans that involve ikea…. i got a £10 off voucher in the post from them today go me !! As well as that little freebie i have a job interview Tuesday !!!! whoop!!! not revealing any details off yet but just to say to shed a bit of light on some good news for once…

The job hunt continues for number of friends off mine as well as many other students i can imagine, these times are hard when loan dries up and you can forsee no income to pay next months phone bill….. but i believe we can do it…!!!!  there should be dozens of jobs in Leicester and if those other students can get jobs back home then bloudy go home and leave some for the rest of us that are staying for the summer !!!


But a sensitive subject now…. my birthday…. very hard times also fall on my fellow geminis.

my birthday is soon upon us the 16th infact…..(presents please : P)  i dont know weather to make plans or cancel it till i can afford to have a worth while celebration…???I know i can expect some stuff but to tell the truth i dont have hight hopes this year, its true what they saw no fun ingetting older… take be back to the 90s where i colud have a mc donalds party with salty chicken nuggets, a barbie and candy necklaces….!!!

love little tortoise xx


Today i went on a ganda got back to brum and went to visit my grandpa, after some tea and pleasent conversation i went to town to see my lovly best friend Kwame …. it was so long overdue! hes got tonkk…!!! We sat in the sun tanning my legs…..the rest of the week its ment to cool down much to my disapoinment


If today wernt sunny i would have been depressed as im broke and have decided i hate the real world and wish i was a kid again with no problems…..if only ??


Keep dreaming of winning the lottery…. not happening. Got home at 10:30 after going my sisters just wanna get back to lesta now, Allthough this trip home has been well worth it i got lots to do when i get back.

Birthday is comming soon came at a bad time !!! ….. im watching t.v shopping theres some make up i fell in love with ….dam it i need to get to bed !!!

love little tortoise x