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Ay Stranger…..

Wow i havnt posted since August 2011 asif my 2nd trip to paris , starting uni again , christmas , and the new year 2012 never happend well it did and heres a few images to show the good times …..

Finally got my tattoo…… ill put up a better pic soon

the night i broke my wrist….


As you can see i spent the majority of last year spending time with the family or going out partying …. don’t worry i got some new photography works to put up and obviously alot more to talk about  !





Well i made it to work, yes i was 25mins late but that was because i put this dye thing on my hair to brighten the colour and couldnt get it off my hands…

Work was good, quite easy day it was preperation for another wedding (why do people love lilac or gold at weddings ? )  well everyone was jelous i had my homemade chicken and rast potatoes tasted yummy ! they had soup and stale sandwhiches i also had pop tarts …double jelousy !!

Also my favorite chef (he has a tattoo of stewie from family guy on his arm haha) brought me some stuffing ( my favorite food!) and a giant fluffy Yorkshire pudding soaked in gravy i ate that too and you could tell how fat im getting as i had to hold my stomach in walking round town after work, i was in a vest top (it was really hot )and i was telling my friend on the phone i look like im in early stages of pregnancy  !!! Lol need to get those sit ups on the go !!!

Well today i did abit of pratical shopping at my favourite bargin store  its not very glamorous but amazing value i brought double pack of bleech hinting my messy flatmates to mop up there leaked milk !!! And some sponges, some vanish, scaroas and also a big laundry bag thats red and blue like the one you see in the laundrette in eastenders … i think i can fit in it, its that big.

And the cutest of all ……(not me : P  )

Photo 107Photo 109Photo 111

Photo 112

Isnt it amazingly cute little metal box with hinge my new jewelry box  it has all my earrings in it now !!! i love it and it was a bargain at 89p !!!!!!!!!!!!

Love little tortoise xxx