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Birmingham Riots – No Cause Just Greed !

Im actually in shock at how bad the situation has got London on its forth night of riots and Birmingham onto its second ….. when will it stop ? will i be able to get home thursday night when i finish work at 8pm? will my shop be open or will it get looted and ill have no work ….?

I will not comment on the london controversy over the shooting of Mark Duggan as i don’t know facts , and obviously his family have a right to grieve for their loss and  as be angry at the police for his death but shouldn’t be used as an excuse for people to cause so much destruction and violence and neither should other cities jump on the band wagon as they’ve seen people “get away with”  it in london.

These kids out there havnt a clue and even more so its become a blame game on racism , job opputunieties and these kids believing they have no prospects and as i agree with some of these promlems this is not the reason these kids are rioting lets face it its the school holidays there bored, cant be bother to get a job or there parents cant be bothered to work and they think they can get something for nothing!

What i dont understand is why the videos ive seen the police look lost they havnt a clue how to deal with the situation and the rioters feed off this and grow in numbers atttacking smaller towns, family buisnesses and peoples homes.

To me they look like headless chickens running round there seems to be no order ???

The news say the parents should keep them indoors but the kids will stay out all day and not go home or there parents probably approve when there son or daughter comes home with a new tracksuit or phone for them ?

And its obvious the police will never catch them all there is simply too many , stores will have to close and lose money which effects us decent working people and everyones taxes will go up ? i dont understand why birmingham police was so little prepared with just batons and riot shields ? where was the rubber bullets , water canon …. police dogs ?

So what is the answer, how do we make these little boys and girls  see that its not rooming the streets causing violence, looting and vandalism that make you look good or  tough its doing the right thing getting an education , a job learning to drive being able to buy things you want with your own hard earned money , making your parents proud or proving to them you can do better !

The government need to set an example tougher punishment for the selfish and greedy and help those more in deprived areas ! and if these kids really want to stand for something take it to parliament not destroy your own communities !

I believe in a cause if its needed and yes our government need to change but they will only make things harder for us if we fuck up an already failing economy !

A song that i love somes it up

All images : http://birminghamriots2011.tumblr.com/


Absence …

Im a stranger to my own blog now, im never here im never free to just write…. to write about the things i like, want …the future or the past i would stop blogging alltogether if it wasnt so easy to just post on tumblr on my phone… so i apologise …One thing i have been doing apart from work , baby sitting and sleeping is researching , planning and dreaming …. i have a plan now of where im going with my life and for once im not scared , Fear has held me back from alot of things creatively this year and now i will have to stand on my own to feet withou my boyfriend their to fix things for me …. and im excited !

So its off to Paris soon , then back to uni and im looking forward to it so much …

Im gonna try blog everyday now as my desktop is so cluttered with beautiful things i have collected i think its time to share  them .


Feaverish Photography

I found this photography website that fascinates me its Feaverish Photography and its filled with beautiful simple images all with credit to the model or photographer on the blog !! But even more beautiful is the guys own personal work Aaron Feaver, a photographer living in Los Angeles his work based on people and polaroids are my favourite .  Im in love with the design of the web page  too , the scroll feature to view these beautiful large images makes it so much easier to browse the collection of work , im currently designing my own website and to say the least this site is my main inspiration ….

Ive allready started sharing this blog on my tumblr Sequinrose which is also quite beautiful.. check that out too ….

Hers some of Aaron Feaver’s work :

And heres the chap himself …kinda..

About time i shared this beautiful work…


Hey there..

These days i seem to busy to blog or to poor to top up my internet , its one of those dongle ones that just runs out when your half way through an episode of EastEnders ! ( if your a fan .. i Knew it was stacey all along !!! ) its shit basically … Well so far ive missed posting about valentines day, pancake day and the birth of my new baby brother…. so a lots gone on in this short february month ….


I recieved a lovely Vivienne Westwood necklace from my lovely boyfriend and had a lovely meal at … you guessed it Wagamammas !! our usual and everytime i choose the cheesecake because i think chocolate fudge cake will be too over baring but then my boyfriend gets it and i just sit and drool at the obvious choice i should of made !! i allways get a little bite in the end though even though he hates it but…. sharing’s good !! And the rest of the night was amazing too : ) !

Pancake Day:

I stuffed my self with american style pancakes covered in lemon, sugar and a big mint chocolate chip ice cream !! it was lovely …. : P

My new little brother !!!


Hes amazing i love him i will share a picture soon … : D

So Far this has been a happy month for me !!!!

Love little tortoise x