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Panic and freak out !!!

hey dont even think im going to post about my easter progress ……the only progress ive made is making my wardrobe a whole lot fuller …. messing up my room , and workinh 11 hour shifts at work ….. ( well i did one  but it was a big deal for me !!!) … i have worked quite a lot though so much that i dont feel like a uni student any more  untill now ….. untill i see the giant pile of work i have to do and only 3 weeks till FINAL ASSESSMENT  !!! AAAARRRRRRHHHHHHH …. oh and the essay is due in monday !!! FUCK !!!

To say im having sleepless nights is an understatement …. i have all these ideas floating around but havnt had enough time to get them down and there slowly floating away….. all though i have made some lovely discoveries that i need to share with you that ill be posting up im also creating a new page when all this work is out the way to show you all my lovely work …. lets hope it gets that far !!!



Easter Holiday Plan !

Well the holidays have started and if your a uni student like me , you’ve got 3 weeks to get all that work done that you didnt have time to do in term time… why ? … beacuse you were to busy on a bar crawl, pissed out your face missing your 9 am lecture ! ….. So if that applies to you what is your  plan ??… because  god help it i need one …

Not only have i got a job to go too … my social calendar is pretty booked up too a wedding, birthdays, nights out , baby sitting …. endless list aswell as loads of uni work… oh and a 3000 word essay which so far ive managed to get 30 to 40 words down … thats including title and my name ….. dam it !

There is also the endless sketchbooks of research i need to make …. so i have made a list

I brought this stick on chalkboard from urban outfitters and stuck it on my door to remind every time i leave to go work , socialise or go to lunch that i still have alot of work to do !!!…. and its also quite pretty  : )

Oh i forgot something of the list i have to make a website too !!! : O

My plan is to complete each one then rub it off within the 3 weeks break …. ! lets see if i can do it  wish me luck !!!


Dmu vs Leicester uni !!!

Well yh i know its been long im getting really sluggish and lazy and the fact that im ither raving , working or unwell i havnt had the time to post about some of the past events that have been quite entertaing !

Firstly there was the Battle of the unis DMU vs leicester  bar crawl ! …. my first bar crawl and probly one of the funnist nights ive had here….

As allways theres the whole re styling of the tee shirts personlay i think dmus shirts were better with the back saying ” who the f**k are leicester uni ! ” when leicester student had ” my dad works for your dad ”  i know go bit personal then but think we got them back on the night !!!


It was the girls all together that night, Me, Ana, Lucy, Harland and Remini and we went hard after downing two bottles of rose wine and especially ana with her horn drowing out the chants of anyone against dmu ! Ive never seen so many people united for one thing like apart from a football match the DMU spirit was definitely up their and i think we showed Leicester uni what time it was .


The chants of ” who the fuck are Leicester uni ” ” My dad fucked your mum ” and “your dad pays our bursaries ” gave me a lil sore throat the next day but all in all a very good night out !

So anyone comming to uni for the first time or just looking for a goodnight out bar crawls are the one !

love little tortoise x

Life is harsh

wow….. like today hasn’t been one of the worst days of my life….I’m not going to go into details I’m mad at my self my own stupid decisions…. my stupid dyslexic brain that only has the ability to get the wrong end of the stick or mess up the simplest of tasks…..

Yes im sorry to say that rather then mention  my amazing all niter  till 7am finishing my typography brief on the 14th n managing to print n deliver that shit 20mins just before hand in after catching 3 buses and 2 trains !!!

Im no longer dreaming of typography but me and that art form have finally got an understanding, as well as  the 15th being my only nephews 1st birthday and having my twin sister who is incredibility unorganized throw a pretty good dam party….apart from pass the parcel where ive never swore in my life so much ….more will be explained in a post dedicated to his bday celebration.

This post is just for moan about how crappy my life is right now ….im mainly righting this as i crawled into a ball around 8pm in my bed crying as you do and fell asleep till now 1am  when i got a text…and ive had no food  and barely any fluids all day so im drinking tea n got a biscuit thats me for the day!

So i have learned today the world is unfair, life is harsh, people will be rude, selfish and totally inappropriate to your situation…..any man hovering outside a phone box is bad news !


love little tortoise xx

Oh yh ….

I kinda got my results the other day… and i kinda passed

When i say kinda i mean half ….. i missed by graphics by a couple marks  so i have to do some little brief over the summer and then i can go to second year ,……


To reflect on the first year…. i socialised and that’s a pleasant way of saying i took full advantage of student cheap drinks….!!! but i did make some really good friends its been kinda up and down since January but after drama and rumours i have learnt not to let people get to you or situations…. things kinda work them selves out in time…

So the plan 2nd year to disract me from the never ending student nights i have three things i need to learn

1. Learn another lauguage

2.Learn to drive

3.Learn to swim

All 3 is alot to learn and i decided to start with number 1! any suggestions and what language to pick ?

I was inspired by my frie nd who is learning Italian and he told me his friends views on some British people being ignorent  as they don’t bother to learn another language as they assume everyone should speak english…. And as i have big plans to travel i should really start learning a 2nd tongue….

Well im on the right track for next year yay !! Just gotta stay focussed.

Love little tortoise x

Getting there ….

Today has been slow….

i was cut off by 02 which was much annoyance and also being told i desperately need to find a job to pay my rent installment…Today we signed the papers for our little house and there actually re painting the hall yay !!! no more bright yellow !! So good news to pay 6weeks rent by end of the month…. bad news!


But the house is now ours, off the market !!! very good news i have big plans that involve ikea…. i got a £10 off voucher in the post from them today go me !! As well as that little freebie i have a job interview Tuesday !!!! whoop!!! not revealing any details off yet but just to say to shed a bit of light on some good news for once…

The job hunt continues for number of friends off mine as well as many other students i can imagine, these times are hard when loan dries up and you can forsee no income to pay next months phone bill….. but i believe we can do it…!!!!  there should be dozens of jobs in Leicester and if those other students can get jobs back home then bloudy go home and leave some for the rest of us that are staying for the summer !!!


But a sensitive subject now…. my birthday…. very hard times also fall on my fellow geminis.

my birthday is soon upon us the 16th infact…..(presents please : P)  i dont know weather to make plans or cancel it till i can afford to have a worth while celebration…???I know i can expect some stuff but to tell the truth i dont have hight hopes this year, its true what they saw no fun ingetting older… take be back to the 90s where i colud have a mc donalds party with salty chicken nuggets, a barbie and candy necklaces….!!!

love little tortoise xx

Sunny !!

Why im writing this when the sun is shining outside i dont know!! probly as im going to hinckly and im not going to be able to post ….

Well the big uni event road block was a sweat box and my hair suffered from it badly !! i did have a good night though the last half hour being the best , i think the first one was better though…. there was much repeat of the funky house tunes  theres only so much i could take, a couple people were  dressed abit funny i remember the girl at the desk taking tickets said “i love these events as the girls all look really nice and make an effort”….. clearly she didnt see a few people !!Good news though my necklace did not break !!!

I did not enjoy comming out at 5am and it was really bright outside !!! never again !

Photo 122

Me, lucy and ana ….my new roomies for our luvly house !!

But in the morning me and my friends found a house it is really nice the first few we saw was awful !!! then had a bbq at the park it was delightful probably biggest one yet.

After me n mr propperganda had a nice night in contemplating my bday presents i decided that i want my hair long for my birthday heres a couple of styles i saw Hair-Babak-Gaboa

Picture really doesnt do this justice!!!

The photographer of the amazing images is Babak i have been inspired quite alot…my head is full of ideas now on what to do next with my hair !!!

Well im off to hinkley …. bye xx

Love little tortoise xx